Different people have different ideas of how they wish to spend their leisure time. Some just want to spend time lazing on their bed, while others idea is to explore new places. There is one more category of people who take life as a roller coaster ride and they just can’t stop having fun. No matter whether it is a tough day at office or life is being hard on them, party is the only solution. The following 5 places are pure ecstasy for such people and one should not miss out on them —

Las Vegas, USA

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”! These lines hold true for the exuberant city of Las Vegas. The uncompromising party atmosphere and the effervescent nightlife seen here, is tough to find anywhere else. From throwing dice at a casino to clubbing on the strip, this city is a paradise for party animals. Pretty much anything featured in the movie Hangover can be experienced here.

Berlin, Germany

Boasting off its reputation of having the most liberal nightlife in Europe, Berlin is loved by all. A number of rock, techno and fetish clubs, which remain open all night, dot the streets of this city. From craziest pubs to offbeat bars, from chapel themed nightclubs to underground ones, Berlin has everything for a party freak. And the best part about partying in Berlin is that Beer is cheaper than water here. Excited much??

Goa, India

Apart from mesmerising beaches, Goa is home to a number of mind-blowing casinos and bars. It is world famous for its vibrant nightlife scene and wild parties, it is rightly called India’s nightlife capital. If you are a Psytrance lover or want to shake your leg on Bollywood songs, this is the place for you. The reason why it is loved by all is that you don’t need to have a lot of money to party here. Also, flight tickets to Goa are easily available online at very affordable rates.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the place where everyone loves to party. From flamboyant queens to tourists, from high-society socialites to crazy teenagers, you will find everyone partying at the same clubs here. Not all the clubs are open till midnight but you have to find the right ones, if you feel like partying all night. To suit different needs, you will find a number of funky venues, club nights and dance festivals here.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This Brazilian city, with every single earthly delight, is a dream come true for all. Mind-blowing beaches, amazing nightlife and fun-loving people is what Rio de Janeiro is all about. Head to the beach for that perfect party scene in this city. Even the streets are vibrant and give you a complete party feel. After midnight, the entire waterfront becomes lively with disco clubs and party beats.

So, whether you like hardcore clubbing or mellow nights, these crazy destinations are sure to make you happy, very happy..


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