Gone are the days when you had to wait for a sale from an airline to book cheap flight tickets. Modern air carriers in India now offer fantastic flight offers which you can enjoy by simple activities like subscribing to your favourite magazine, booking a hotel and more. In this post here, we discuss Five such smart spending tips.

 Air travel bookings now don’t require more than a few clicks. While the internet has surely made things too simple and quick, we often end up spending way more than we should or intended. Fortunately, the present-day air carriers in India offer amazing offers and discounts on flight tickets to eliminate this dilemma.

Ever wondered that something as simple as subscribing to your favourite magazine could help you get a discount on flight tickets? Well, this is possible now! We present you a list of 5 smart spending tips that can help you get amazing offers on flight tickets.

  1. Magazine Subscription

 While anything and everything now is available on the internet, do you still love the joy of reading a magazine? Great! This habit of yours can now get you amazing flight offers. Be it TIME, Vogue or Fortune; you can now get free airline miles based on the subscription term. The miles can be collected and redeemed for free flights, upgrades, shopping and lot more.

  1. Co-Brand Credit Card

If used responsibly, a credit card can be a great financial tool. Many of the modern credit cards now come with a host of offers and benefits. Some credit card providers in India offer free airline miles or a discount on flight tickets just for applying for the card or using it within a particular duration. Some of them also offer deals and discounts on the basis of how much you spend on the credit card.

  1. Hotel Bookings

Many of the top hotel chains in India now allow you to earn miles and other offers on flight tickets when you book a room. These include some of the top names like Langham, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental and much more. Enjoy a much-deserved break from your chaotic life and also get rewarded for it with this offer. It’s like a cherry on top of the cake, right?

  1. Bonus Miles on Buying Miles

Some of the air carriers in India now allow you to earn purchase miles. You can even buy additional miles to achieve a milestone which can reward you with a free flight, cabin upgrade or allow you to gift these miles to someone close for a trip.

  1. Offers on Rental Cars

 Renting a car can be a much better option than travelling in your car in a lot of cases. You get to choose from the best of cars, affordable rent and professional driver with complete convenience. Apart from this, you can also get incredible airline offers for renting a car. The offer can be in the form of free miles every time you book a car from a partnered service provider.

As you can see, the simplest of everyday tasks can now get you great offers and discounts on flights. Take advantage of the tips mentioned above and enjoy the best of offers on your flight bookings.



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