The UK is filled with some fantastic scenery and places to relax, but if you live in one of the many towns and cities, you might be more inclined to go overseas on an end-of-year holiday. We so often forget just what our own country has to offer. Going local will not only save you money, but will open your eyes up to the beauty of this country and some of the amazing secluded scenery in places like Derbyshire and the Peak District.

Finding Your Inner Peace in a Rustic Cottage

As much as we like to go on holiday adventures and see the world, a perfect local holiday would fill our spirits with serenity, allow us to recharge, and provide us with a unique perspective during which we would relax and rebalance ourselves. For many of us, life is busy enough already without having to stress about an end-of-year holiday! With this in mind, the opportunity to hire a cottage in the Peak District in Derbyshire represents a great way to rest, relax, and recharge!

The Peak District area is famous for its green rolling hills, wooded areas, parks, and amazing scenery. Rather than stay in a stuffy hotel, wouldn’t it simply be more fun and more relaxing to stay in one of the many cottages in the Peak District? Many of them are pet-friendly, and there are so many different sized cottages that one can book a cottage for two as a romantic getaway, or find a mansion that accommodates over a dozen people!

Why Visit the Peak District?

If you’ve never been to Derbyshire and the Peak District before, you’ll find it offers an amazing wealth of things to do and see, including the following:

  • Monsal Trail: For the hikers and walkers among us, the Monsal Trail in the scenic Bakewell area offers some of the most amazing vistas available in the entire region. Pathways, rolling hills, and amazing green valleys make for some of the most picturesque walks in the area of Bakewell. If you’re fit enough, you can even rent bikes so you can cycle around the area, taking in the sights and find your inner peace.
  • Gib Hill Barrow and Arbor Low Stone Circle: Dating back to at least 2500 BC, this Neolithic site sits in the middle of a farmer’s field in Bakewell. This is certainly an adventure for those of us who enjoy ancient history, and it is sure to provide one with a unique perspective on life.
  • Chatsworth House: Situated in the Derbyshire Dales, Chatsworth House is a stately home that dates back hundreds of years. Home to the Duke of Devonshire and the Cavendish family, this mansion houses amazing artwork, sculptures, and other historical pieces. There are often afternoon tea events and markets in the area to enjoy as well.

If you really want to go somewhere different this holiday season to rest, relax, and recuperate, why not visit the Peak District in Derbyshire? It is filled with history, amazing geology, secluded valleys, rolling hills, amazing walking trails, and rustic cottages for rent.


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