If you are like many couples and are considering a destination wedding, it is easy to get caught up in all of the appealing aspects that one has to offer. After all, everyone wants to focus on the fun aspects of their wedding while its being planned, so it’s really tough to blame you. However, there are many things that you should take into consideration while planning a destination wedding that may not be as fun to think about. These things can shape the time, place, and way you hold your destination wedding, so making sure you consider them in advance is vital to having a successful ceremony and reception. Here is a taste of the things you need to figure out ahead of time to ensure your destination wedding is as spectacular as possible.

Choosing a Destination

Most people would agree that where you have your destination wedding is the most important aspect, but this isn’t always as simple as choosing your first option. Depending on who you want to invite to your wedding, things like how far away the destination is can play a huge role in whether or not it’s viable. For instance, if you want your grandmother who is confined to a wheelchair to attend, you’ll need to make sure it is wheelchair accessible. If you have an uncle who is a recovering alcoholic, then heading to a vineyard and winery may not be the best fit. Take your time, think things through, and choose a destination for your wedding that you won’t regret down the road.

Knowing What to Bring Along

Depending on where you will be having your wedding, there are certain things you’ll want to bring along and certain things you’ll need to shop for locally. Obviously, things like your ring and wedding dress will be purchased ahead of time and brought along for your trip, but there are certain things that you either won’t have space for or can’t take along for the trip; especially if you’re flying. Things like sparklers aren’t allowed on planes in the first place, so you’ll need to shop for wedding sparklers locally rather than packing them in your luggage. If you’re driving to your wedding location, you have some more flexibility since most states allow you to take novelties like wedding sparklers across state lines; but you need to pick your battles and choose the items that you can’t buy locally and shop later for the rest.

Choosing a Time of Year

Though weather is the first thing that comes to mind when people consider a time of year for their destination wedding, there are other things that may impact this decision. For instance, some couples only can take a certain amount of time off each year, so that can weigh into your choice. Also, if you happen to be a teacher, then the summer time is obviously a more appealing option. Just make sure you consider all of the facets of your life and if having things like wedding sparklers is important to you when making considerations while planning your destination wedding and everything should be perfect when your big day finally arrives.


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