Ecuador trekking

If you love to travel and explore new places, give South America a chance this time! The places like Ecuador is a wondrous paradise for those who like to get lost in the beauty of amazing mountains, awe-inspiring sceneries, and a breath-taking adventure.

Get on board of the Ecuador trekking tours by Gulliver and you can begin a remarkable journey of your life! With different trekking tours, you can get closer to the mystical beauty that Ecuador possesses. Some of these trekking tours include:

  • Ecuador Inca Trek

This trek is planned for travelers who want to cross the whole Ecuador from North to South and experience it from a very different perspective. During the trek, you get to see three amazing volcanoes of this area – Antisana, Cotopoxia, and Chimbrazo. Trekking through the stunning landscapes, you get a chance to witness the beauty of the mountains and unique vegetation patterns of the area by staying closer to the nature in every way.

  • Ecuador Volcano Trek

If you want to enjoy the beautiful sights of the highlands along with the subtropical zones of Ecuador, this trek is the best for you!

The trek takes you to the places like Cloud Forest Mindo, Laguna Del Volcan, Valley La Mica Lake, Cotopaxi National Park, and more! You get a chance to indulge in the beautiful landscapes, bird watching, and volcano sight-seeing during this amazing trek.

  • Condor Trek Adventure

If you’re looking for a high-altitude trek, this one calls you for the utmost adventure. The weather can be a little harsh on this trek because of the high altitude. Also, we often advice to and do take the packhorses on this trek as it gets easier to trek with them.

Starting from Papallacta and extending to areas like Cotopaxi National Park, this trek unfolds great adventures and breath-taking landscapes throughout the 5 days of trekking.

  • Cotopaxi Trek Experience

This is another amazing trek that takes you closer to the nature in Ecuador. This trek is best-suited for travelers who actually want to witness life at Ecuador. It takes you closer to the native animals, plants, and birds found in this area. The sights include the Andes and the valley of Machachi.

The only tip here for the travelers is that the treks might get a bit harsh at times because of the changed weather conditions or extreme mountain situations. So, along with being physically strong, you have to stay mentally prepared as well. Only then will you be able to enjoy what comes next! And it’s going to be worth it!

If you want to explore Ecuador to the fullest and want to get lost in its natural beauty, experience the natural life away from the humdrum of cities, and gather memories of a lifetime, get on board with Gulliver to any of these treks.

With us, you can have a hassle-free, adventurous, and safe trekking experience. We provide all the required help from our end to let the travelers enjoy their trekking adventure to the fullest. Also visit Emerging NewsHub 24 for more travel news.


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