Reducing our carbon footprint has become increasingly important for a large number of us travellers. When we visit the places we wish to visit it is unavoidable to that we do leave traces of pollution, but there are ways in which we can try and reduce those traces as much as possible. Here are some suggestions on how to become a more environmentally conscious tourist.

Reduce your flying time

If you have all your family in one country this might not be a problem at all. Perhaps you go on an annual holiday to warmer climates, or maybe you fly even less than that. But for some it can understandably be quite difficult to fly less often. If you do need to fly, try to make sure you are travelling in daylight as these flights cause less pollution. This is because the contrails or vapour trails that are formed by the jet emissions capture heat and reflect sunlight, which of course isn’t available during the night.

You should also try to take direct routes if at all possible as the take offs and landings let out the most of carbon emissions. You could even check if there are any airlines going to your destination that have an environmentally friendly policy if you’d like to make sure that you are doing as much as you can for the environment whilst flying.

Take more holidays in the UK

Instead of flying abroad why not holiday in the UK? Enjoy what the UK has to offer of national parks, beautiful seaside resorts, and great entertainment for the whole family. Try making a list of places you’d like to see in your own country and you’ll probably surprise yourself with how many you can think of. The tourism industry is one of the world’s largest, and making it more environmentally friendly will take a huge joint effort.

Stay in environmentally friendly hotels

It can sometimes be difficult to know whether the hotel you are planning to stay in is “green”. What you can keep an eye out for is whether they have won any environment related awards, whether they make efforts to use local and fresh produce in their dining facilities, whether they recycle etc. Combining your UK holiday with staying in a green hotel, such as some hotels in Yorkshire where the surroundings are perfect for a weekend break or summer holiday.

By doing just a little bit of research you can soon become a much more environmentally friendly traveller.


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