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The Benefits of Airport Transfers


Whether you live in Braunton or find yourself flying in for business or on holiday, getting to and from the airport can be a hassle if you do not have a professional service on hand to help. After all, it can be difficult to catch a taxi if there are many hundreds of other travellers searching for one at the same time and you never know when you might arrive. Delays, cancelled flights, and heavy traffic all play a role in when you arrive at the airport and having a shuttle service available will ensure that you never find yourself without transportation at the worst moment.


If you are a traveller on your way to Braunton on their own, it can be a bit worrisome to move throughout a new city without help. However, Braunton airport transfers ensure that you arrive safely at your hotel without trouble and on time, allowing you to avoid making a mistake along your route or waiting for hours for your next ride. Travelling in a new city alone can be daunting but this is not the case if you have a vehicle ready for you upon arrival that is driven by highly skilled and professional drivers dedicated to providing you with a great experience.


Modern airport shuttles are highly comfortable with plenty of space for you to hold your bag and other carry-on luggage without feeling cramped. In addition, you will be able to easily store your large luggage in the back without fear of it being crushed or otherwise damaged due to other luggage taking up all the room. From the moment that you step into the vehicle to the moment that you arrive at your destination, you will enjoy comfort, space, and privacy regardless of the time in which you utilise the benefits of the transportation.

Why Should You Hire A Campervan To See Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a world-famous destination for people who want to play in casinos and visit spectacular resorts. When you are thinking about taking a trip to Las Vegas, you should resist the temptation to fly. What if you decide to hire a campervan instead? There are lots of advantages that you might not have considered before.

Why should you hire a campervan to see Las Vegas?

You Can Explore The Mojave Desert

Las Vegas is situated in the Mojave desert, which is much more than just an arid wasteland. Instead, there are lots of things for you to see and do that will complement your time in Las Vegas. You will be able to go to the Joshua Tree National Park.

RV rentals in Las Vegas will be perfect for driving along in the desert, and you will be able to stop off wherever you want to in order to take pictures and view the scenery. You will also be able to sleep in the campervan under the clear night skies of the Mojave Desert.

You Can Drive To Vegas From Nearby

When you are thinking of going to Vegas, you also need to consider the journey there. The journey will be pretty uneventful if you just decide to fly to Vegas. However, you could turn the journey to the casino capital of America into a road trip.

As you are driving through cities and countryside, you will be able to take lots of pictures. Then you will finally arrive in Las Vegas and the fun can begin.

You Can Stay In The Campervan Instead Of An Expensive Las Vegas Hotel

Las Vegas is known for its casinos. When people stay there, they flock to hotels which can sometimes be extremely expensive. In order to save yourself some money, you can choose to sleep in the campervan in a designated area. The money that you would have spent on hotels can instead be spent in the casinos that you visit.

You Can Drive To Red Rock Canyon

Using a campervan on holiday means that you have the freedom to go wherever you want without having to rely on tour companies or aeroplanes. When you are in Las Vegas, you can drive to the Red Rock Canyon which provides hiking opportunities as well as great views. Campervans are designed to deal with the rugged terrain of the canyon.

Once you have enjoyed some time in the Canyon, you can head back to Las Vegas for some more fun.

You Can Have A Roadtrip Back To Your Original Destination

Once you have finished in Las Vegas, you can turn the journey home into another eventful road trip.

When you are going to Vegas, you should consider hiring a campervan because this will enhance your enjoyment of a memorable trip. Choose a campervan which is going to be able to make all of the occupants comfortable for the journey ahead.

What to Do If You Can’t Bear Giving Up Your Old Car


Do you have an old car that you simply can’t imagine ever giving up? Some of us love our vehicle so much that we hate the idea of trading it in for something newer.

Yet, if it has seen better days then what can you do to keep it on the road and carry on getting as much pleasure as possible from it?

Keep It Looking Good

Keeping an older car looking good over the years is a big challenge. Paintwork can get chipped and the seats can get damaged, while overall wear and tear inevitably takes its toll.

You can’t expect a car to stay looking perfect forever, no matter how much you love driving it. Having said that, you can make a real effort to keep it looking good by touching up the paintwork, getting it upholstered and generally taking care of its appearance.

By keeping its looks nice and pretty you can drive it without any embarrassment. On the other hand, if you let your beloved vehicle get old and nasty-looking then expect friends and family to hassle you non-stop about when you are going to trade it in.

Giving a car a paint job or tidying up some dents and chips can turn up to be a lot easier and less expensive than it initially appears to be. Certainly, there is no reason to think that it is going to be a massively difficult task to sort out.

Make It Comfortable

As your car gets older you may not even notice the advances in other vehicles out on the road. However, more modern cars will most likely have some very nice touches that keep the driver and their passengers happier and more relaxed.

From more comfortable seats to handy drinks holders and from heated seats to in-car coolers, there are some great ways of making any ride more enjoyable now. By adding some nice touches to it you can ensure that driving even long distances remains as much fun as it always was.

This might also encourage you to get out and use it more often in the future as well. The more comfortable your car is the better you will feel every time that you get behind the wheel.

Keep It Running Smoothly

Naturally, any car can begin to show signs of age after a while. The engine may start to splutter, the brakes may feel unreliable and overall it may start to lose its shine when you drive it.

Whether you need to buy starter motors online or find some other part, you shouldn’t just ignore the signs of things going wrong.

Of course, this can be dangerous if your car lets you down while you are out on the road driving it due to an essential part that has been worn or damaged over time. In addition, it can remove a lot of fun from the car for you as well if you aren’t careful.

Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on its performance to see whether you need to buy any parts to keep it running as smoothly as possibly. Getting the likes of a Ford starter motor in time can keep it running well and being a pleasure to drive.

Add New Technology

One of the biggest advances in cars in recent years has been the increase in the use of technology. If your vehicle has been around for a while then you might feel that a lack of technology is one of its weak points.

After all, who wouldn’t feel just a little twinge of jealousy when they see other drivers with fantastic audio systems, in-car satellite navigation systems and touchscreen technology? The right devices can add a lot to your entertainment to your driving trips, as well as giving you useful information at your fingertips.

Thankfully, you can very easily add new technology to your car these days. Just take a look at some of the entertainment systems and touchscreens out there that you can connect to your mobile device or else use on a stand-alone basis.

Having some great modern technology in the car will give you far more ways of enjoying it while you drive. Even if your vehicle has been on the road for years, it will get a new spark of life when you upgrade the technology in this way.

By taking all of these points into account you can get far more years of use of your car. If you love it too much to give it up then you should definitely consider these useful ways of keeping it running in style for longer.

The Best Nightlife Activities For UK students


When selecting a university, would-be students will want to consider things like the quality of the education they’ll receive, the quality of the accommodation they’ll be staying in, and other such fundamentally dry factors. But if you’re going to be spending three years of your life in a given city, then it’s surely worth devoting some weight to the quality of the nightlife around you. After all, if you aren’t able to go out and have a good time after a hard week’s studying, then the result is sure to be long-term stress. If you’re feeling that way inclined, you might even say that you owe it to your future career prospects to go out and paint the town red.

The problem here is that opinions tend to differ on what does and doesn’t constitute a good night out. Moreover, students of the university towns will be heavily biased in favour of their preferred venue and locale. After all, very few people tour every university town and form a basis for comparing the lot of them.

That’s where objective study comes in. Fortunately, this work has been done rather comprehensively. According to a survey of more than ten thousand undergraduates for Which? in 2016, two universities came out on top of the pile when it comes to nightlife: Newcastle university and Northumbria university. Since both of these universities are in the same city, we can safely conclude that Newcastle has the best nightlife in the country – and that once you’ve gotten your Newcastle student accommodation sorted, you’ll be able to enjoy that nightlife pretty shortly afterwards.


If you’re not a fan of Geordie Shore (or you’re unsure of what it even is), then you’ll probably be looking at this result with some scepticism. Just because lots of people like a given thing, after all, doesn’t mean that you will. Fortunately, this image of the city’s culture is something of a narrow one – if you’d like to visit a club full of wall-to-wall kick-snare patterns, and where booze flows like water, you’ll be able to do so, but there are also alternative venues that’ll cater to those into metal, grime, ambient soundscapes and funk. The Cluny is a great place to check out local and touring small-time bands, while the Metro radio arena is a great place to see larger ones.

Cheap Booze

One of the main reasons that Newcastle is so popular when it comes to nightlife is that you’ll be able to get quite a lot of booze for a pittance. ‘Trebles’ is a practice imitated by bars across the city, where you’re offered three shots of vodka and a mixer. Now, if you were to ask a normal bartender for such a drink, they would probably look at you as though you’d announced your intention to transform, through sheer force of will, into a Ford Capri. In Newcastle, however, this is a perfectly normal and economical way of consuming alcohol, and you can expect to get three of them for just over five pounds.


You’ll find an array of quality comedy clubs in the centre of town. There’s The Stand, where you’ll find gigs put on regularly; there’s the Grinning Idiot, which is a little further out of the way, and then there’s the aforementioned Metro Radio Arena where the really big acts come to play. If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, then you might pay a visit to the Theatre Royal.


At nighttime, the quayside is where you’ll find some of the best-quality bars and pubs. Newcastle is, of course, home of the famous brown ale, but there are other sorts of drink available. Brew Dog have their own pub in this neck of the woods, where you’ll be able to sample a variety of high-quality beers. What’s more, while you’re enjoying your drink you’ll be able to get a great view of the bridges which span the Tyne – which look spectacular at night-time.

In Conclusion

While other university towns might have their share of great places to have fun at night-time, it’s Newcastle that’s the undisputed leader of the pack. And while it’s certainly unwise to base your choice of university on the efficiency with which you can secure alcohol every weekend, in reality it’s sure to factor into the decisions of most would-be students. Once you’ve gotten your application to Newcastle or Northumbria university accepted, and you’ve sorted out some Newcastle student accommodation, you’ll be able to benefit from several years’ worth of quality nights out.

Australia’s Top Five Most In-Demand Jobs For 2017


Searching for jobs is not an easy task by any means. That rings true especially if you are searching for a job abroad. When moving to a different location there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made with the differences in time and culture. If you are looking for a place with diversity and several coastal cities, then Australia is the perfect option for you.

If you are looking to move to Australia from UK, you are going to have a lot of adjustments to make. Depending on which part of Australia you move to, you could be facing a nine-hour or more difference and major cultural differences too. The majority of the individuals that are looking to find a new job are doing it due to the lack of development in their current field or employment. However, they can also be searching for work that is more exciting or challenging. You will also need to research about visas in order to travel to the Australia.

There are few Australian Visas for UK citizens that you could get depending on your circumstances; you can pick from skilled visas, work visas, parent visas, and partner visas. Skilled visas are for those whose skills and qualifications are in demand in Australia. Work visas are for those looking to work in Australia. Parent and partner visas are for people who wish to join an existing family in Australia.

To get an Australian skilled visa, you need to meet the threshold criteria. Applicants must submit an occupation that is eligible. They must demonstrate a specific level of the English language. They also must be under the age of 50. For an Australian work visa, the candidate must have a formal offer of employment from an Australian employer. They must be able to show the appropriate skills that are needed for your specific role.

Whether you are travelling to Australia for a better job, lifestyle or to finding a balance between work and life – there are plenty of opportunities to choose from there. The most popular locations in Australia have been Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

Using the services of companies like Emigration Group can, also, support companies or individuals that are relocating. Australia has been a popular destination for a while. Their strong economy, leading education system, and the weather have all played a major part in making Australia one of the top countries to relocate to.

Below are the top five most in-demand jobs in Australia

  1. Financial Analyst

This job consists of analysing financial statuses through collecting, monitoring and studying data and then recommending solutions.

  1. Pay-roller

A payroll clerk pays employees through calculating their pay and making any deductions. They also issue any checks that must be issued for the business.

  1. Site Manager

A site manager oversees operations on a daily basis. They ensure that the work is done on time, safety, meet safety standards and stay within the budget.

  1. Data Analyst

These analysts review data for any inconsistencies that could distort the results. They maintain databases and routinely conduct maintenance. This is especially needed in the government sector. These individuals need to be able to search through large data for any insights and trends.

  1. Development and Operations Engineer

These engineers support operations by identifying and resolving any operational problems.

On top of these individual jobs, there are a few sectors which are actively growing. Infrastructure projects are enabling growth in construction, property and engineering markets. There is a focus on big data and cyber security.

In order to find a job in Australia, you need to have something more than just what the job description says. Many of the larger corporations in Australia and New Zealand have said that they want candidates that can add ‘extra value’. That could be by previous work experience or additional qualifications.

According to Hays, some other skills that are in demand include professional practice accountants, para-planners, quantitative risk analysts, early childhood teachers, renewable experience, civil engineers, case managers, HR advisors and partners.

Australia’s economy is constantly growing which is why there is a need for employees. No matter what sector you are looking to work in, you can make Australia your home. From chefs, hairdressers, retail assistants, plumbers, health care workers, to technology professional, accounts, architectural professionals, and manual labourers are all in demand. Their unemployment rate is considerably lower than other countries, making them the ideal location to relocate to.

Golden Triangle Tour covers the best heritage cities


It could be that the person is interested to explore the heritage sites located in Northern India. In such a case, it would be wise to check out Golden Triangle trip organized by the reputed travel agents. They can help the tourists to witness the country’s incredible sites. The golden tour package does cover few royal Indian cities. It is possible to enjoy an exciting, enthralling and refreshing experience.

Visiting incredible India

This tour does help the tourist to live in the present, future and the past of this wonderful country. The tour also entails the tourist to experience the important Indian cities of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. Through this tour, the tourists can get to know about the glorious past of the country. The Golden Triangle tour takes the tourist to the different interesting places like India Gate and Red Fort. Taj Mahal at Agra is said to stand as a popular symbol of the past Indian glorious culture and rich architectural history. The forts at Jaipur are sure to be enjoyed by the tourists, as it forms part of Incredible India.

Popular cities covered under the tour

  • Delhi: An insight into futuristic India and the erstwhile Mughal Era could be sensed easily once the tourist visits Delhi. This tour is said to introduce the person to the different historical locations of the city like the India Gate, Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Lakshminarayan Temple, etc. Chandni Chowk, Red Fort and the Rashtrapati Bhawan do offer the tourist with a sense of the real India.

  • Agra: It is the next stop, where the beautiful white marble monument – the Taj Mahal is located. The tour offers the tourist with a wonderful glimpse of rich Indian culture and past history. The tour also offers ample joy to the tourists who can visit the Agra Fort, spend some quality time at the Itma-ud-daulah and Fatehpur Sikri.

  • Jaipur: The golden triangle tour with Varanasi then takes the tourists to the beautiful city of Jaipur, also called the land of the Rajputs. Popularly known as the Pink City, it is well known for Amber Fort and Sheesh Mahal. The tour allows the tourist to ride on the back of the elephant like that of a Rajput king and also that of the Camel. They can check out the City Palace of the Maharaja.

Hence, the blend of Indian culture, incredibility, diversity, historical significance and development could be sensed better by availing the golden triangle package. There are numerous tour operators offering this package. Checking them out and comparing the package details and the rates offered by the reputed tour operators can offer the person with a chance to get the very best. It is only a well selected package that can offer the individual with value worth the money and an opportunity to get information about the past and present of the region. In short, this tour is really mesmerizing and sure to be enjoyed by people of all ages making lifetime memories.

Three Reasons To Make Turks and Caicos Your Chosen Caribbean Destination


If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, you may be spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which of the beautiful destinations to visit.

The Caribbean has so many beautiful islands, all with their own amazing culture and vibe, and the locals are warm and welcoming.

The Turks and Caicos islands attract people from all around the world, and the fabulous resorts are favourites of the rich and famous. It isn’t hard to see why, so read on for three reasons why you should consider paying these fabulous islands a visit when you plan your next Caribbean holiday, something which we’ve put together alongside Alexandra Resort, Turks and Caicos.

The world’s best beach

Turks and Caicos is home to Grace Bay beach, which has often been referred to as the best beach in the world. It often wins the Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice beach award!

And it isn’t hard to see why, with the clear waters, and the powdery white sand. The weather on the islands is incredible all year round with warm temperatures, making it perfect for taking a dip or for working on your tan. It also means that you could be relaxing on this wonderful beach in the winter time if you need to escape the grey skies back home.

The views are breathtaking and the waters are very calm, so it’s no wonder it’s so well loved by all who visit.

The activities

There are so many great things to see and do in the Turks and Caicos islands, from boat cruises and water sports to horseback riding, historical attractions, and of course, relaxing on the beaches and soaking up the sun.

There is also the only commercial conch farm in the world which welcomes visitors and is a truly unique experience.
The waters are perfect for snorkelling and diving, and you can see for yourself the incredible marine life of the barrier reef.

Sports lovers will be happy to hear that games of football, rugby and cricket are regularly organised, and tennis and volleyball can also be played.

The food

The islands of Turks and Caicos are a foodie paradise, and one of the few places in the world that has no fast food chains! You won’t find a McDonalds or a Burger King anywhere in sight, but you do have plenty of places to eat if fine dining is more your thing.

Eateries such as Kitchen 218 make the most of the fantastic fish and seafood available locally to create inspired seafood dishes that you’re sure to remember.

Providenciales is also home to da Conch Shack, one of the best beach bars in the world, which, as the name suggests, serves up the conch that is famously farmed on the islands!

There are so many great kinds of food to try while you’re visiting, but we love this list of 7 must-try foods from Matador Network as a starter!

These are just a few of the reasons why the Turks and Caicos islands are a wonderful place to visit, so we hope that we have inspired you to consider them for your next holiday to the Caribbean!

Three Benefits of Hiring a Car Service for Your Business


Having a car service at your company makes it easier for executives or salespeople to get to their destinations on time. They can have the cars pick them up at home or work, take them to the airport, and then pick them up when they return.

In addition, the service can be used to pick up clients arriving from out of town for meetings. Here are some of the additional benefits of hiring a car service for your business.

Makes a Good Impression

Having a car available to your clients when they come into town on business will make a good impression. Along with picking them up from the airport and taking them to their hotel or your offices, the car can be made available to them to run errands. This will give visitors a favourable opinion about your company and its attention to detail when servicing clients.

Convenient for Staff

Instead of staff members using their own cars to drive to business meetings, go to the airport when leaving on a business trip, or run business errands, a car service can pick them up and be at their disposal. This will allow a salesperson or busy executive to finish proposals or accept telephone calls while being driven to his or her destination. He or she can also sit back and relax after returning from a tiring business trip.

Helps Build Brand

Clients will remember a company that goes out of their way to make them comfortable when arriving for business meetings. By hiring private taxis in Crawley as a car service for your business, you can build your brand and receive positive word-of-mouth referrals from impressed clients.

Hiring a car service also saves money because the company won’t need to purchase a car and hire a driver for staff or client needs.

Burj Khalifa – A Complete Guide you Should Follow


The sight from the world’s tallest building is unbelievable. This beautiful Dubai landscape is 2722 feet, and the breathtaking sights from the tower can be seen up to 59 kms away. For all those who are modern architecture lovers, they would be excited to get at the top Burj Khalifa and witness the world from the tallest eye. To ensure that you have the best time while visiting top of Burj we have brought forth some meaningful insights into the tower for you.

History of Burj Khalifa

Making yourself aware of the history of Burj and comparing it with historical structures based around the world will help you decide if you wish to watch the beauty from 125th or 148th floor. The construction of this mega skyscraper began in the year 2004, and it was in the year 2009 when the structure was finalized. In terms of architecture, it has unique neo-futuristic design which is associated with modern day era and matches the latest technology.

If we talk about the height of Burj, it is much taller than some of the world’s other structures. Previous to the construction of Burj, the world’s tallest building was Empire state building in NYC. However,Burj is twice the height of Empire state building now and this is the reason it is being named as one of the super skyscrapers. Burj is going to be the world’s tallest building, until construction of Jeddah tower, which islocated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is under construction.

Things to know before you go to Burj

It is quite critical to stay well prepared especially when you are heading towards burj. You never know if you have to stand in long queues for purchase and collection of tickets. Hence, it is advisable to purchase tickets online. However, if you wish to purchase it from the counter, make sure to reach the venue as early as possible. In order to timely reach to the place, gain complete information about directions of the tower.

Directions to Burj

For individuals who are planning to travel on Dubai metro, they can take the drop directly at Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall. The entrance towards “at the top” view of Burj can be accessed from lower ground floor of Dubai Mall. If in case you have missed the metro station, you will have to walk for at least 10-15 minutes to get to the lower ground floor of tower.

Price for Admission in Burj

To inquire about the cost of admission into Burj, you will have to decide if you want to visit floor 124/125 or wish to get at the top Burj Khalifa which is located on level 148. There is a good difference in the ticket prices of both the levels. Hence, it entirely depends on personal preference of an individual and their capacity to spend money. If you opt for level 148, you would be able to claim to be on top of the world at least from Dubai. The prices might also escalate if you wish to visit the place during prime hours i.e. from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM daily.

Stay Calm and Keep Patience

Like all the tall structures, you will have to maintain calm and patience while visiting Burj. Going through security and waiting time for elevator will be a long process. While you are going through check points, you can have an insight into the history and know all about it. It will take approx. 20 minutes for the process to get completed, and soon you will be taken to level 125. If you wish to go to level 124 you can use the staircase. Once you are here, your eyes are going to witness some of the most beautiful views of the world.

For those who wish to climb 148th level, believe me they are going to be a part of different world which is just so beautiful and serene. You can easily spend hours here, and you would never know when the time will fly by. On one side of the tower, is Burj Al Arab hotel while on the other side is gold/spice souqs which provides an authentic feel to the Dubai. Apart from this, there are telescopes available on the labels to enable you view Dubai with HD displays and zoom.

The Last Word

Words would never be able to do justice about the beauty and view of Dubai at the top BurjKhalifa. It is completely worth it to visit Dubai, and be at the top of Burj to explore the beauty of Dubai and admire it. Once you are here, don’t forget to click some pictures and create memories for lifetime.

8 Incredible Itinerary Items for Your Holiday in Cuba


So your date of departure for your Cuban vacation is quickly approaching… although not quickly enough. You can probably already taste that mojito and feel the sun on your skin. You will likely already have an idea of what you want to see and do while in Cuba, but you still might need a few suggestions. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of all the things you will want to experience while in Cuba. This list contains 786 items, so clear your schedule. No, not really, although it definitely would be possible to write a list that long with everything you will want to do in Cuba. But you’re a busy person, so we’ve whittled it down to 8 typically Cuban experiences you’re going to want to try for yourself.

  1. Classic Car Cultivation

It’s not a trip to Cuba without a trip in one of those classic cars that glide along the streets. And yes, they’re everywhere. It sounds dreamy to rent one of these beauties and hit the open road, but this is unlikely to happen. The open roads of Cuba are not as well maintained as other countries and 1950s cars tend to have 1950s suspension… that has been in use for more than half a century already. But you can (and must) take a ride. Many of these classic cars operate as taxis, so use them as needed. Some of them call themselves taxis but they don’t operate in the traditional way; instead they’ll take you on a scenic ride along a predetermined route.

  1. Try a Cocktail (or Two)

There’s just something about drinking a Cuban cocktail in its country of origin. The whole experience feels more authentic, and you will forever roll your eyes at what bars charge for daiquiris when you get home. There’s no way to go wrong with this, and you might even want to sample one of the daiquiris at the place that claims to have invented them – El Floridita in Havana’s Old Town. But you can honestly enjoy a top notch cocktail at even the most suspicious looking of dive bars. You might also want to take a cocktail making course, and there are many of these on offer.

  1. Dance Some Salsa

We would put money on the fact that you’ll be out one evening in Cuba when a salsa band will set up in the corner and begin to play. It’s practically a foregone conclusion. And then everyone hits the dance floor. And darn, they’re good. There’s some logic to this. Music and dancing is such a way of life in Cuba, meaning everyone has grown up watching it and joining in. You might have two left feet, but you should not be afraid to get up and shimmy your hips as well.

  1. Change is in the Air

Did you know that Cuba has two currencies? There’s the Cuban peso, which is used by locals, and the Cuban convertible peso, pegged to the approximate value of the US dollar and used by foreigners. The Cuban convertible peso is worth 25 times more than the standard Cuban peso, but you can often find some dirt cheap prices if you have some of those Cuban pesos to play with. Your request might be met with a polite decline, but ask for your change in pesos instead of convertible pesos. This allows you to shop like a local. It won’t necessarily happen, but you can sure give it a try.

  1. Sweet as Sweet Can Be

Two words: Guarapo Frio. Another two words: Try it. It’s sugarcane juice that is freshly squeezed in front of you, sometimes with added citrus. It’s the most delicious thing you will ever drink and is available throughout Cuba.

  1. Walk As Much as You Can

Most Cuban cities are manageable on foot, even the seductive sprawl of Havana (if you stick to the Old Town and central districts). So get out there and see the best of Cuba on foot, while taking appropriate considerations. Please wear comfortable shoes and ensure you stay hydrated in that Cuban humidity.

  1. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

If you like the melodrama of the opera but also feel like seeing some sports, go and see a baseball game while in Cuba. It’s very much a national obsession. And oh, the passion! Spectators scream at the players, at each other, and at the universe in general. It must be exhausting to be a Cuban baseball fan. But just as quickly as this passion arises, it subsides and then it’s business as usual. Many sports spectators have passionate responses to the game they love, but this is on another level.

  1. Get to Know the Locals

You’ll want to make friends with the locals. You will come to think of the Cuban population as being a cool club that you’ll want to be a member of. Sure, you will have some interactions with the locals on your holiday, but private tours in Cuba with a local, though English-speaking tour guide is a good way to find out where the best places to go are; like giving you a way to enter this very cool club.