Europe is one of the most mesmerizing continents on this planet. With a total of 50 countries, it is a very wholesome continent. From beaches to mountains, it caters to all of your needs.

London, home to the royal family, is one of the most posh areas in Europe. With intricate architectural work and such interesting historical facts, the place acts like the powerhouse of Europe.

Paris, the fashion capital, houses some of the most expensive brands in the world. Being one of the most romantic places in Europe, it is the best destination for food lovers to spend some quality time with their beloved.

Switzerland, housing the highest peaks in Europe, it is a picture book in itself. With numerous lakes, ski resorts, hiking trails etc., the place is perfect for people who crave adventure in their life.

  1. Advance Planning- Being some of the most in-demand holiday destinations, these places are always jam packed with tourists. Pre booking hotels, air tickets, ferry rides etc. would help you save money and spend more on food and shopping during your stay.
  2. Essentials- The basic essentials for any international trip involves Passport, photo id, currency of the place you are visiting, chargers and converters. London has an erratic, often wet, weather. A sturdy raincoat, close toed shoes, extra clothing and and umbrella is very important. Paris is the perfect place to enjoy a light summer breeze hence you need to carry a light jacket. Parisians follow the “No more than colors rule” hence dress elegantly with no shabby outfits and be picture perfect at all times. Pastels should be your best friend while visiting Paris. Switzerland and trekking go hand in hand hence you must carry a day pack (to carry water bottle, snacks, camera, and jacket), warm clothing and sturdy shoes.
  3. Enjoy like there is no tomorrow- At the end of the day it all comes down to how well you utilise those few days of your trip to truly enjoy and calm your senses. Don’t rush yourself. Try and enjoy every place you visit except of trying to visit every single tourist spot. Prioritising is the key for the perfect stay. Click pictures and make everlasting memories.


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