Exploring the Highlands

If you plan to visit Scotland, you no doubt want to go to that place that can be easily registered in the mind’s eye. Usually, that place is the Scottish Highlands. A green and rolling landscape can be realised by planning a holiday to this magnetic and magical place in the UK. Happily, this is a place where you can roam and enjoy the great outdoors – a place that is home to such sites as Ben Nevis, the Great Glen, and the Cairngorms National Park.

Visiting the Western Isles

Across the waters from the Highlands are the Western Isles. Unspoilt and serene, the Western Isles depict a landscape that is defined by volcanic rock formations as well as stretches of golden sand. Whilst traveling through the isles, make plans to visit Lewis, an island that is home to the biggest town, Stornoway, in the island chain. Other islands that you will want to see include St. Kilda, North and South Uist, and Barra.

Visit the Beautiful and Popular Island of Skye

When you get closer to Scotland’s mainland, you will want to explore the Inner Hebrides. The largest isle of this grouping is Skye, which has been a popular stopping point for travellers over the years. It is also easy to get to Skye as it is linked to the mainland by a bridge.

Some Notable Destinations

Should you travel further south, you will run into such islands as Jura, Mull, and Islay. One isle, Iona, which is situated off the coast of Mull, is home to a cemetery and abbey and is the final resting place for a number of the country’s early monarchs. The island of Islay, on the other hand, is known for its whiskey. Currently, the number of distilleries making the liquor number a total of eight. If you happen to visit Jura, you will be greeted by its large deer population. It is also a place where the author George Orwell once lived.

Beautiful and Serene

So, if you want to escape to the heart of Scotland for an active holiday, you not only want to visit the Highlands but visit many of the islands in the Western Isles and Inner Hebrides. You will find that each of the enclaves are flavoured with an array of interesting and varied attractions and sights. However, they also have a number of features that are seen throughout the island chains including breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, and serene forestry.

A Variety of Things to Do

Once you return to the Highlands, you will find that Scotland also offers a number of activities for intrepid sojourners. Such activities include mountain biking, fishing, water sports, and dolphin-watching. Two activities that are uniquely Scottish in nature include trekking by pony and golf.

So, if you want to regard the rolling green hills of the Highlands or enjoy the offerings of the island chains, you need to draw up an itinerary. To make the scheduling easier, find a holiday house where you can reside whilst visiting the country. By establishing a base, you can better decide what adventures to include in your holiday travel planning.


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