No matter if you simply love to watch golf or aspire to become the next famous player, this is one sport worth travelling to see and a golf tour is your opportunity to do just that. There are many options available, from guided tours to more individualised options, and you may choose to come alone or with company so that your time away is exactly what you want from it. That said, some believe that watching golfing tournaments is fun enough on the telly but these are people who have simply not had the exhilarating experience of leaving home behind for a spectacular new landscape and watching the professionals play in person.

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Educational trips packages are also available for international visitors so that they may experience some of the best players from around the world up close and personal in a way that they never will at home. This is not only true for golfing tours but for musical and cultural options as well so that you may truly make the most of your time away from home and come back with valuable information to share with your peers. There are even Anglican church grammar school tours available in the UK and it is fast and easy to book your dates by contacting the travel experts who help to set it all up for you.


A golf tour, among other options, is also your opportunity to truly meet new people from all over the world and those are friendships that may stay with you for the rest of your life. There is something to be said about the deep bonds that a mutual love of sports creates and how it can bring completely different people with different cultures and backgrounds together in celebration of the sport. This is your opportunity to not only explore a new place, see your favourite golfer, and meet new people but also to try something new at least once in your lifetime so that you may say that you took an adventure.


It may be that you plan to try for international fame with your own skills and a tour will allow you to find the inspiration that you need to truly become one of the greatest. It is from that inspiration that you can practice harder, continue for longer, and fight with more enthusiasm to make your mark in the world of sports. You may yet see your name when the next cup is put together, playing alongside other giants in the game and showcasing all the skills that you earned through hard work and patience.

Golf is just one of many sports available for you to book tours around and you get the chance to see some of the greatest players in the world fight to win the cup. The Ryder Cup is gearing up to start in 2018 and you may book your packages right now so that you get the best view of the action during your tour. This is the type of time spent away from home that is suited to both individual travel and group travel.



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