Pushkar is an important ancient city located in Ajmer, Rajasthan. This city is famous for exclusive Brahma temple, camel fair and others. The best time to visit the place is October-November. This is the season of camel fair. The weather will also be pleasant during this month.

Pushkar is located 11 km away from Ajmer railway station. There are also buses to Pushkar from Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur and others. It is a very small city and you can scale the whole city on a bike. Here are the top attractions that you ought to enjoy in this city.

1. Pushkar Lake bank

This is the place where the camel fair is conducted. During the fair, the bank will be enchanted with crowd and colors. You can find a lot of interesting events like camel beauty contest, camel processions, camel trade, camel races and others. During the fair, you can find hot air ballooning here.

2. Temples of Pushkar

Pushkar is a holy city with many ancient and modern temples. Top temples to visit are Old Rangji temple, Paap Mochini temple, Savitri temple, Mahadeva temple, Raghunath temple, Atmeshwar temple and others. Many tour organizers provide temple tour. But, the city is small and you can visit all the temples individually.

3. Camel Safari

If you are visiting Pushkar, you ought to enjoy with camels. Many different agents organize camel safari and the price, package style and others vary. In the safari, the camel ride takes you through many villages, sand dunes and others. You can customize the safari as per your need. It is the best part of all attractions of Pushkar.

4. Ghats

PushkarLake is filled with many spiritual beliefs. Those can be seen on the Ghats of the lake it is a holy lake and people take bath in the Ghats for receiving blessings. Very famous Ghat of all is the Brahma Ghat. Many different types of rituals can be found during early morning. It is a good spot for photography.

5. Merta

It is a 400 year oldcity complex which has the birthplace of Meera Bai, many palaces, temples and others. Inside this complex, there are two main temples and it is said that many battles have been held in this city. It is a very important holy pilgrim spot for Hindus. It is a quiet place, which gets crowded during festivals related to Lord Krishna. This place is open throughout the year. Morning rituals at Charbhuja temple, Bhanwal Mata temple, Aurangazeb Mosque and sightseeing at Raj Palace are top attractions inside.

6. Man Mahal

It is a large palace built by Ajmer king Raja Man Singh, which is famous for its Rajasthani styled architecture. It is a tourist bungalow now andis rented to tourists. Getting accommodation here is very rare due to high demand. Prior booking is very useful during tourism season.

7. Brahma temple

There are only three temples for Lord Brahma in the world and one of those is in Pushkar.  The temple is completely made of marble and is a magnificent sight for those who love architectural marvels. The place is very quiet and you can find interesting rituals during early morning. This is an important tourist attraction and tends to get very crowded during Hindu festivals and tourism season.

Are you planning a visit to Pushkar? Spare a day or two for enjoying Pushkar. It is a unique place to enjoy the culture and heritage of Rajasthan.


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