It’s the presence of green spaces and well-laid out parks that defines the beauty and charm of a city in the truest sense. Be it Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo, Rome, New York City, Melbourne or any other major city in the world, each of them has plenty of lush green and verdant spots to let people enjoy nature and spend quality time out in the open. In fact, tourists often prefer cities based on the outdoor spaces and greenery available. That’s why, parks are central to the existence and popularity of virtually all of the top cities in the world.

Let’s look at the world’s most visited city parks:

Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

When it comes to beauty and aesthetics, not many can match the prowess of Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Spread over 100 acres and comprised of colorful tropical fauna and scenic vistas, this park is not only among the most stunning in the world, but also in the list of most visited ones. Apart from a collection of over 50,000 plants, it also hosts theater performances and exhibitions during the summer.

Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome

Intricate gardens and elaborate architecture make Villa Doria Pamphili a stunning park. The sights of manicured gardens with clipped hedges and fountains fill the heart with joy as it showcases the best of a landscaped park. The park’s scenic beauty is truly matchless, plus it takes visitors back to the medieval era with its antique statues and vases seen all around the expanse.

Luxembourg Garden, Paris

For locals and tourists alike, the Luxembourg Gardens make for a perfect and most tranquil retreat from the urban hubbub outside. Colorful flowerbeds greet visitors and the sprawling landscape offers them a chance to enjoy nature and other attractions. Some of the major charms of the park include well-tended pathways, French and English gardens, orchid collections and an orchard. For kids, it has a merry-go-round, swings and puppet shows.

Central Park, NYC

NYC’s Central Park is a 843-acre gem right in the heart of the city offering diverse attractions to people of all age groups. From parks to lakes, bridges, playgrounds, horse-carriage rides, sports facilities, classical architecture, and a carousel, it has everything to keep guests delighted. Visitors can walk down meandering pathways, find peace near lakes, lounge in open meadows and enjoy landmarks. Plus, bike tours are an affordable way to explore the place, stop by at their choice of sites, learn the history of the park and have fun during their New York sightseeing trip.

Lumphini Park, Bangkok

The Lumphini Park ranks among the most popular attractions in Bangkok purely on the basis of its beauty. Dotted with sparkling lakes and scenic splendor, the park offers a perfect retreat from the chaos of the city life, and lets visitors enjoy a great day in the outdoors. Cultural events take place here year-round and the presence of trees, green public places and bodies of water lends it a unique touch. Guests can rent a rowboat, take a stroll around the scenic paths and enjoy peace like nowhere else.


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