Are you the go to itinerary planner amongst your friends and family? Is your first thought on seeing your credited salary deciding where to go next? Well, these are just the basic signs pointing to the fact that you are a travel addict. Here are the top ten reasons that show you are a travel addict:

  1. You are not finicky about food or sleep!
    You can sleep anywhere- a hostel, airport or a luxurious 5 star- you are so used to getting a quick shut eye between your travel escapades that you will not care much.
  2. Airport security procedure is second nature to you.
    While it might hassle some people, you are not somebody who gets hassled with the intricate security procedures. All your documents are in place in the right order waiting for you to plan your next trip.
  3. You pack at the blink of an eye.
    You literally do not take days to put your favorite clothes in. You need 20 minutes to get packing and get going, because that is how used to packing you are. It doesn’t matter whether it is 3 days or 25 days, you know just what to pack for where.
  4. Your global circle is stronger than CIA’s source database
    You have travelled so much that you pretty much have sources everywhere. Your itinerary planner consists of more socializing than actual things to do. The list of your acquaintances spread over the globe is simply phenomenal.
  5. Travel documentaries are your favorite thing to watch
    While others binge on soap operas and serials, your collection is full of travel documentaries or movies. Your favorite protagonist is the one who has travelled a lot and we are pretty sure, you have binge watched the ‘Before’ trilogy a hundred times.
  6. Travel books take your imagination to faraway lands
    Even your book collections consists of novels which take the protagonist to faraway lands because it can take you to different places through your imagination. We won’t be surprised if ‘The Alchemist’ is your all-time favorite.
  7. You are the quintessential travel blogger for your own circle
    You don’t irritate people with selfies but you definitely flood everybody’s news feed with memoirs of your travel escapades. Nobody minds it, because they know it comes from an authentic source such as you!
  8. Everyplace becomes home for you!
    You do not have problems adjusting to different environments and every place except for your own home is a home to you! You are filled with values from different cultures and your favorite cuisine is a melange of every different dish that you have tasted.
  9. Jet Lag is not one of your worries
    Most people stress about Jet Lag but when it comes to you, it does not deter you from taking those day long flights because it takes you to a land that has engraved itself in your bucket list.
  10. You have a travel bucket full of different people, places and things to do!
    Since your social circle is so varied, your bucket list consists of plans with different people, various places other than common touristy spots and you have a long list of things to do as well for your different travel plans.


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