The United States of America is one of the most popular countries in the world. People from all over the world desire to visit the USA once in their lifetime for the amazing life it offers and that is not all. The United States is filled with diverse landscapes, from beaches to mountains, from big cities bustling with lives to small towns offering solace, and from amazing man-made establishments to natural wonders. One can see all in the states, and it is often hard for the people who are on the vacation to decide which city to visit and which to leave out. One can look for ideal vacation packages in the USA for having a fun-filled tour. However, if you are still wondering about the cities that present the best of the USA, then we are sharing some of the best cities that one must see while on a tour of the USA.

New York City

New York City has to make its place at the top for so many reasons. Often known as the “Big Apple,” New Your City is the first city that every tourist wishes to visit for its high on life attitude. Not only does the international tourist look forward to visiting NYC but it is equally popular amongst the US citizen from different cities. Some of the must-visit places in NYC include the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. If you have more time in your hands then you should also try to visit High Line, a park transformed from the old railroad track. It features artwork, greenery, and breathtaking skyline views. Theatre District and Broadway is another place that you might like if you have a heart for art and know to appreciate it. You can get to watch the latest play or musical concerts. Other must visit places that you should try visiting to grasp the best of the New York City are the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Fifth Avenue, Central Park, and Washington Square.


Otherwise known as the “Second City,” Chicago is the third most populated city in the states. It is often preferred by tourist to visit after they have inhaled in the air of New York City. Chicago has everything that one has seen in New York. There are many luxurious restaurants, great museums, shopping centers, and many others that make it an ideal place to pay a visit at. You may realize that Chicago fun-filled activities can give tough competition to even NYC. Chicago houses some of the important buildings of the entire country and the best way to observe them is via an architectural or the city guided tour. A few destinations that you shouldn’t miss out are Millennium Park, Lake Michigan, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Las Vegas

It is futile to state reasons that why one must visit Las Vegas while they are on their vacation to the USA. The hub of casinos, Las Vegas calls many to try their luck at their casinos. Not many know that apart from being a casino capital of the world, Las Vegas is also known for hosting some blockbuster shows, luxuries restaurants, and amazing shopping centers. Also make sure to take a trip to the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, MGM Grand and most importantly Neon Museum which displays legendary Las Vegas signs. Do not forget that what happens at Vegas stays in Vegas so live it to the fullest.


When you have seen enough of the city life, make your way to Hawaii for spending a peaceful stay at the island paradise. Hawaii is all about the natural beauty, far-stretched beautiful beaches, erupting volcanoes and rich Pacific tradition and culture. The city also enjoys the perfect weather that makes it easy for a tourist to access the island in the best way. Must do things in hawaii including seeing humpback whales in Maui, hiking at the island of Kauai, playing with the fire at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and enjoying the delicious local food.

Great Canyon

One should never underestimate the geographical beauty of America because it inherits some of the world’s amazing naturally blessed geographical lands. Stretching over to 200 miles, Great Canyon is a deep gorge engraved by the Colorado River more than thousands of years ago. The Great Canyon makes into the list of one of the greatest natural wonders in the entire world. You will be amazed to see the art of Nature and spend good 2 to 3 hours exploring and hiking around the area.


People visiting Great Canyon shouldn’t miss on visiting Sedona as it takes merely a couple of hours to reach there from Great Canyon. The place is famous for housing unusual yet beautiful stone formation of different colours which changes with the light. Do not worry about getting deserted here as there are many restaurants, art galleries, top-notch hotels to stay are available.

The United States of America is one of the most popular destinations for all good reasons. People should try visiting the country at least once in their lives for it has every possible nature and man-made wonders.

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