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If you are competing in a global market, the chances are you have to fly abroad to see clients, doing what you can to secure contracts, and such is the competition, you need to play your very best game when meeting foreign clients. We all know how a long-haul flight in economy can sap you of your strength, and then you have to negotiate the airport, which can be very stressful.

Airport Transfers

The first leg of the journey is taken care of with airport transfers in Hamilton, who will have you arrive at the business class lounge with plenty of time to spare. Arriving at the airport early has other advantages – you can review that presentation one more time – and generally prepare your company bio.

Fly Business Class

With a lot riding on the outcome, you need to be in tip-top shape upon arrival, and even if it is a hop into Europe, pay the extra for business class and you won’t regret it. Business class offers you:

  • Priority check in – Time to review the coming trip.
  • Business class lounges
  • The chance to get some sleep – Critical for long haul flights.

You will arrive refreshed and ready for your meeting, and having brushed up on local etiquette, are ready for the experience, and will hopefully close the deal.

The important thing is to relax, and you can only do that if you plan your travel in such a way that it won’t drain your energy. Airport transfers and business class will see that you arrive with a spring in your step, and that might just be enough to tip the scales in your favour. There is a big social side to foreign business, so you need to conserve your energy by travelling in comfort all the way.


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