Some of us where just born for going on a road trip, and while it’s an amazing type of travel, even the best road trips sometimes have long car rides where there just isn’t that much to do. Playing one of these fun road trip games can be a great way to make the long miles seem fast whether traveling with family or friends. Make sure to find a great deal on RV rentals and then remember these five games to keep the fun (and interaction) up.

20 Questions

Sometimes the classics are well-known for a reason and 20 questions can be a great game for keeping people in the RV interacting with one another while making a long drive. This classic game is simple. A person things of a person, place, or specific object and everyone takes turn asking a question for up to 20 (or in some cases 21) questions. Whoever guesses correctly wins and gets to go next.

The focus on piecing together information and thinking of good questions to narrow down the possibilities keeps even the most boring miles flying by.


Taking playing Devil’s Advocate to the extreme, Fortunately/Unfortunately has one person make a statement starting with fortunately (can be fictional or real), and another person has to follow it with a counter-statement that starts with “Unfortunately.” This can lead to a hilarious and ridiculous back and forth conversations.


  • Fortunately we are ahead of schedule.
  • Unfortunately that means we run into the zombie apocalypse without warning.
  • Fortunately that means no lines at our favorite places.
  • Unfortunately this will probably affect the speed of restaurant service.
  • Fortunately that means you won’t have to tip.
  • Unfortunately that’s a jerk move, even during the apocalypse

The Cow Game

This one works particularly well in the Midwest or various sections of farm country. While there are a few varying rules, the basic gist comes to this: each person takes a side of the road and counts the number of cows they see, announcing it out loud. You also have a reason to look at the other side, because if there’s a graveyard you get to kill all the cows your opponent has. Highest number wins.

A great one for the kids in particular, and can keep them busy in any stretch of farm country.

The Classic Alphabet Game

If you’re trying to think of great road trip games while looking over deals on RV rentals then you will want to make sure you don’t overlook the classics, like the Alphabet Game, one that everyone can play at any age. In this game you’re looking for signs with words that begin with every letter of the alphabet, starting at A and somehow getting all the way to Z in order (good luck on Q & X in most places).

The first person to blurt out the word on a sign gets to move on to the next letter, and two people in the RV can’t use the same one.

Never Have I Ever

This can be an amazing travel game, though one that is often best for adults and groups of friends versus the conventional family road trip. However, for the right group this is a gem. Everyone makes a statement one at a time starting with, “Never have I ever…” and then the person says what they’ve never done.

Everyone has ten fingers up (driver will have to keep mental tabs if he/she is playing) and each person makes their statement. Anyone who has done that thing then has to put their finger down. The last person with fingers up wins.

For those of you who are brave and playing with the right group, an option is “story telling mode” where if you’re the only person to put a finger down, the story must follow.

So take a look at the best deals RV rentals have available, keep these great games in mind, and get on the road today!


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