If you are among those who find their thrill in forest living, cliff jumping and other such activities, your decision of choosing South America as holiday destination stands out to be the perfect one. This continent is best place to be in when it comes to feeding your thirst for some adrenaline rush with numerous adventure activities to choose from. Here is our list of top places to visit in South America and what you can do there.

Trek through the Amazon- Ecuador

As we all know, the Amazon Rainforest is the most species-rich and largest forest in the world.  Not surprisingly, many parts of the forest still remain unexplored. You can venture into the large pockets of this land via a tour which will include white-water rafting, cycling and jungle trekking. The much awaited part of the trip is the night walk when the entire forest erupts into a cacophony of loud croaks and buzz. For all the thrill seekers, you can trek even when it is dark!

Go speed boating under the Iguazu falls in Argentina

If you still haven’t already listed this on your bucket list then what have you been waiting for? The Iguazu Falls won’t disappoint you at all! Fulfil your desire to truly immerse yourself in the roaring water by taking the Gran Adventura boat ride which goes right through the churning chasm. You will be given a poncho but prepare to get completely soaked. Reputed tour operators of South America tours do systematic bookings to allow you to have stress free holiday experience.

Say hello to under waters at Galapagos in Ecuador

Known for providing the best wildlife experiences, the Galapagos islands are sure to be one of its kind. Once you visit the islands, you will realise that the place has a charm of its own. Endemic creatures roam around freely on these islands both on land and in the sea. You can take a dive beneath the surface and explore the magnificent underwater life. People often spot a whirlpool of barracudas, sea lions, two hammerhead sharks and turtles on regular basis.

Cycle through the deathroad in La Paz, Bolivia

The Deathroad is indeed a deathly road which passes through high mountains and jungles with freighting cliffs and scary steep slopes. For the cycling daredevils this is a road that is ought to be on your bucket list.

Hike through the Machu Picchu in Peru

Reaching Machu Picchu always involves a hike, whether you choose to trek the incredible Inca Trail or go via a train or bus. You can start the hike as early 3am in the morning and climb the steep stone steps to the ancient city. By the time its sunrise, you will reach the highest point of Machu Picchu and witness the sun wash the entire area in a shimmering shade of Gold. Peru tours are perfect to spend some memorable moments with loved ones.

Experience Sand boarding in Huacachina in Peru

Another must-try activity along the coastline of Peru is sand boarding. It is more like a secret hideout that offers hreat respite coupled with adventure. You can see giant sand dunes that top up to a few hundred meters in the tiny town of Huacachina which is built in oasis. You wouldn’t need to take any souvenirs from here as you will have sand in your backpacks even months after your trip!

Magdalena Island

The beauty of this spot is completely diverse. The majestic scenery and unspoilt white beaches are perfect to give you that holiday vibe. When you are here do not forget to see the beauty of flocking penguins. Patagonia cruise tours are perfect to give you luxurious experience.


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