It has been said that the world is a book and those who don’t travel only read a page. So we are in a way obligated to learn about ourselves as we explore the world.

And what better way to explore the world than by backpacking?

Backpackers have chosen a very personal, unique, and adventurous way to travel. The ability to exercise and meet new people without the walls of an expensive resort around you can be intimidating but at the same time confidence building.

But how does one get to explore the benefits of travel while backpacking on a budget? More specifically, how does one do that when backpacking on a budget through beautiful Melbourne, Australia?

Ways to Find Accommodations

There are several helpful websites that will provide a listing of the best hotels in town. However, when a backpacker truly wants to save money as well as get an up close and personal view of local culture while in Melbourne, they will often seek a hostel to fulfill their needs.

Amongst backpackers, hostels in Melbourne have a very good reputation for cleanliness and safety. But what about other amenities which will help with one’s budget?

Large and small dorm rooms provide cheap accommodations and a way to recharge while staying in Melbourne overnight. If sleeping with a large or even small number of strangers is somewhat unsettling, a backpacker in Melbourne can utilize a private room. There are even all female rooms for ladies who may wish for additional privacy.

Careful searches on the internet, as well as interaction with fellow backpackers,  are exceptional ways to discover the means to find cheap accommodations while in Melbourne. Take the time to do a search for hostels that will meet your wants, but also be sure to ensure your choice has the basic needs that will make your trip a success such as security measures, cleanliness, and exceptional customer service.

Do keep in mind not all hostels in Melbourne are made the same. Backpackers should be aware that some hostel locations with cheap accommodations for backpackers in Melbourne are bare bones, while others will come close to the mimicking the opulence of a fine hotel. For the savvy traveler, taking the time to search for deals to make ones cash stretch a little farther is a wise move.

So, backpackers looking to find cheap accommodations while taking a sojourn through beautiful Melbourne, Australia have ways to find the best deals that will allow their visit to be affordable as well as pleasurable. Websites, word of mouth and time spent in one of the world’s best hostels in the city voted most livable since 2011 are good ways to find cheap accommodations while in Melbourne.

So backpackers do you research, talk to people, and find the best deals possible. Then pack your bag, slip it over your shoulders and begin your expedition of self-discovery. Be sure to take plenty of pictures as you intimately discover the world.

And let your journey begin in Melbourne.


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