Cleethorpes has been a popular holiday location in the UK for hundreds of years, with the town going through a tourism boom when it was developed in the 1800s.  It is well recognised for its sandy beaches, historical attractions, and delicious food.  There is plenty for the whole family to enjoy!

One of the key features of the town is its coastline.  There are miles of sandy beach, which has been a popular tourist pull since the 1800s, where “sea bathing” was encouraged for health benefits.

Located nearby to Grimsby in the North East of Lincolnshire, Cleethorpes is found on the eastern side of the UK.  Usually, this area is drier and sunnier than other parts of the UK!  During the summer, you could expect the average temperature to be between 18-20 degrees Celsius.  

Staying in Cleethorpes

There are many accommodation options when it comes to visiting Cleethorpes.  Of course, there are the usual hotels, Bed and Breakfasts or hostels, but for a real vintage feel, why not look at getting a caravan near the sea!  Traditionally, Cleethorpes has always been known for its static homes and caravan parks, which offer exciting amenities within close reach of the beach.  You can check out a range of caravans for sale Cleethorpes while browsing online to find the perfect caravan for your family.  The beauty of having your own caravan is that you will never need to worry about whether you can book a space for your family – your van will be available all year round for as long as you wish to stay.

There are lots of places to stay in Cleethorpes, from the town’s many hotels and B&Bs to camping pitches, caravan parks and hostels.  A traditional seaside holiday would normally be via a caravan at the seafront.  There are plenty of caravan parks throughout the Cleethorpes area, so why not take a look at caravans for your next stay?  A Cleethorpes holiday park offers a traditional and historic holiday where you can explore the local area from.

Things to Do in Cleethorpes

There are lots of beachside activities awaiting you in Cleethorpes.  Of course, the sea is popular for swimming and bathing in, and you can always take a donkey ride along the beach for a small fee.  For history buffs, why not take a trip along to the Cleethorpes light railway, where you can experience the golden age of the steam train and explore the local area at a relaxed pace.  There is a leisure centre perfect for children and families, especially when the weather is not entirely desirable.  If you want to sit back and enjoy a film, the Parkway cinema and theatre offers a range of showtimes with the latest blockbusters as well as live shows throughout the year.

Slightly out of the town, you can explore plenty of unspoilt countrysides, with the Waltham Windmill well worth a visit.  It is still in use today to grind grains into flour, which you can sometimes see working when you visit!  Children can have a fun day out at the Jungle Zoo, one of the newest attractions to the town.  The zoo features a wide range of animals and birds to watch and learn about during your visit.

Eating and Drinking

An essential part of any holiday is enjoying delicious food and drinks during your stay!  Cleethorpes is a great location for good food, with specialist ice cream parlours, pubs, bars and restaurants all ready to serve up some gastronomic delights!  There are plenty of eateries located along the seafront so you can take your pick of what you fancy during your stay. While you are there, do not forget to sample the seaside family favourite – fish and chips!


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