Do you want to move to Texas this summer? Then, Houston city could be an ideal neighborhood. More people are moving to Texas, thus making Houston one of the popularly growing cities. In less than five years, at least half a million people have come to Texas searching for Houston apartments for rent.

Most of the apartments in Houston have extremely viable alluring amenities. Some of these amenities include pools, gyms, virtual fitness trainers, and yoga studios. Besides, there exist numerous reasons why you might want to rent an apartment in Houston. This article will discuss these reasons alongside some of the amenities worth leasing an apartment in Houston.

Cost of Living

With the cost of living increasing daily, Houston has been left to be less expensive than other big cities in America. The city charges fewer taxes; thus, you can get a higher percentage of your paycheck to take more money home. The grocery stores in Houston offer incredible savings, and the gas prices are below average.


Generally, Houston has sporadic rainfall, but that should never worry you. Houston’s weather is quite warm around the year, with only two chilly months. Houston residents spend most of the time around the year in pools.

Amount of Apartments

Houston has large apartments ranging from mid-rise, high-rise to garden styles. The city has influenced new residents by building new apartment complexes. The new apartments are going up much quickly since the Houston neighborhoods fit everyone’s personal needs and want.

Amenities in Houston

Washington/ Sawyer Heights

This brand new place in the Houston apartment market hosts an art room for spending your leisure time. Washington/ Sawyer Height has the most probable unique amenities in the Houston apartment market. If you are looking for crafty apartments, then this property is worth try.

Timbergrove/ Heights

This property is also new to the Houston apartment market that boasts Downtown New Orleans’s vibes. It has chic interior finishes, with its fitness center equipped with a rotating rock-climbing wall.

Museum District

Museum District is sandwiched between a lush aqua lounge and a private viewing room. The property has wine fridges in its units and a wine tasting lounge on-site. Its lounge brings about an incredible sunset view which is worth enjoying with your favorite wine.


This is a Houston newbie property with direct access to the latest Whole Foods. With healthy grocer options just an elevator ride away, you do not have to travel much to get healthy foods. If you are much concerned with whole foods, then Midtown is an ideal residence.


The amenities in this property have extended to even care for the pets. The Downtown property has partnered with a local groomer to offer grooming options to the residents’ pets. Even though on-site self-wash and grooming stations are common, an on-site groomer is unheard of. With an appointment, you will get your pets well-groomed while you enjoy a glass of wine and a downtown view from the sky terrace in the lounge.


Undoubtedly, moving to Houston during summer has many privileges than moving in in winter. Whether you’re looking for a new apartment to relocate to Houston for a new job, the above reasons will surely push you there.


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