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Coorg or Kodagu which also known as the Scotland of India, is one of the breathtaking hill station located in Karnataka. Famous for its scenic hills, streams, and greenery, it is one of the best tourist place. Hospitable locals, lush coffee plantations, cultural treasures, elephant safaris and gorgeous waterfalls, are a few reasons why it is one of the most charming places to visit in India.


Coorg is good to visit all-year round and is one of the most visited and popular tourist destinations in the country, especially for nature enthusiasts. However, from June to September, Coorg is laden with heavy rainfall. October to May is the perfect time to visit this hill station, with plenty of outdoor activities and sightseeing. In March and April, the destination is at the height of its picturesque appeal.


You can easily reach Coorg via car, bike or bus. As much as Coorg and its surrounding spots are attractive, travelling via its scenic routes is also a great experience of the trip.

The roads are smooth and well-maintained. Therefore, travellers prefer hiring a car or a cab or travel by buses. AC and Non-AC bus tickets range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 650. The distance between Bangalore to Coorg is 245 kilometres which can be covered by a drive of 5 hours and 30 minutes.


There are two popular road routes to drive to Coorg to, the first option is to drive to Coorg from Bangalore, first is via Mysore, the second is via Channarayapatna on the NH48 towards Hassan from Bangalore. Distance wise both are comparable though the NH48 route is a tad longer. Below is mentioned the best route to visit Coorg from Bangalore. Have a glanced look at it.

Select the Mysore route if your destination is south Coorg, say Kutta, Gonikopal, Virajpet, Nagarhole and so on.

Also how close are you to the Mysore Road (NICE Road) in Bangalore City, is another factor to be consider, specifically in saving time taken to exit Bangalore and hit Mysore road.

The driving conditions of this route is pretty decent, expect a few patchy stretches, especially those diversions you may take to your final destinations to Coorg. The only qualm people drive on the Mysore route have is, the relatively high traffic between Bangalore and Mysore, especially around Mandya, Maddur and Ramnagara stretches. If you cover these in the forenoon or still better early in the day, this is not a concern. You can plan your trip using the myles coupons too.

The biggest plus for the Mysore route over the NH48 to Coorg is the facilities on the Mysore route. There are a great range of restaurants, drive-ins and fuel stations all the way till Coorg. This can be really helpful for you.

That’s about the Mysore route.

Now, Let’s talk about the other route which is via Channarayapatna on the NH48 towards Hassan from Bangalore.

The Route Map to this trip is given as: Bangalore → Channarayapatna → Hassan → Sakleshpur → Coorg

This route will take approximately 7 hours across 332 kilometres on NH48. This route is less preferred than the Kushalnagar route; however, it is filled with its own attractions.

Now, Plan your trip ASAP and have a safe and happy journey. You can avail huge discounts and cash back offers using the coupons available on various travel and tourism websites.

Happy Holidays. 😊


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