The Choquequirao Trail is considered to be the best alternative to the Inca Trail, so anyone who is visiting Peru will have an option for adventure if they cannot get to the Inca Trail during their stay.  There is one major difference between the two trails that is worth mentioning and that is that anyone who decides to attempt the Choquequirao Trail to see the ruins will need to hike to their destination.  There is no train or bus like there is for Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail.

Many people that visit Peru do not care about transportation when it comes to the trails though, because they are there to experience the hiking and the great outdoors.  The Choquequirao Trail is 9,800 feet above sea level in a remote section of the Peruvian Andes, while the Inca Trail has a section that is 13,800 feet above sea level in a different section of the Andes Mountains.

Anyone who hikes the Choquequirao Trail will find that it is even more difficult than the Inca Trail, because the trail is a dirt path that becomes muddy during the rainy season and it has a lot of inclines and declines.  This trail can be hiked in four or five days, but hikers can continue from the Choquequirao ruins site to Machu Picchu, if they are willing to add another day to their hiking schedule.

The classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu takes the same time as the Choquequirao Trail, but there is a section of the trail that can be completed within two days.  Anyone who is attempting the longer hikes will want to be prepared for altitude sickness since they will end up being so far above sea level in certain sections of the trail.

While people are welcome to hike either trail, people need to prepare well in advance when they decide to hike the Inca Trail.  The Inca Trail has been hiked so many times, that erosion has been occurring, so the government has put a restriction on how many people can be on the trail at a time.  The current number is 500 people per day, but only 200 of them are hikers and the rest are guides and porters.  This limitation is the number one reason why the Choquequirao Trail is becoming more popular, because people are unable to reserve a spot on the Inca Trail for the time that they are in Peru.

The Choquequirao Trail is a great substitution for the Inca Trail, especially since there are two ancient ruins sites that people can see while they are hiking.  Both trails are challenging and unique, so no matter which one a person chooses, they are guaranteed to have an experience of a lifetime. Learn more about booking am inca trail tour  today!


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