It is clear that many of us live more of a sedentary lifestyle than we would like. Working in an office, driving to work and being too tired to do much in the evening are some of the main reasons why this can happen.

Yet, making an improvement to your lifestyle in order to feel healthier isn’t impossible. The problem for many people is that they trot out the same old excuses to justify not doing something different.

If you want to feel better and look better then the following are some of the tired old excuses that you need to avoid from now on.

You Don’t Have Time for Exercising

Perhaps the most widely used excuse for not exercising is that it just takes up too much time. After all, between work and family commitments who can spare an hour or two to go to the gym or go out jogging?

Thankfully, you don’t need to undertake a massive lifestyle change in order to get some more activity and movement into your day. For example, you could go for a walk at lunch-time or start using the stairs instead of travelling up in the elevator each day.

Alternatively, it certainly shouldn’t be impossible to find 10 or 15 minutes each morning or before going to bed to try out some yoga or some other exercise you can do at home. By being active on a regular basis you will feel better without the need for dedicating endless hours to working out.

Going to the Gym Is Boring

Ah, going to the gym to stay fit is dreadfully boring, is it? In that case, why not find another way of working out that doesn’t involve having to set foot in one of these places?

We have seen a few ideas for keeping fit in the last point and there are plenty more. For example, by looking and bikes and towbars you can easily take up cycling as a hobby and maybe even start to ride to work occasionally.

Keeping fit is actually great fun but the secret is in finding the way of doing it that makes most sense for you. If you do this then you will be well on your way to a better kind of lifestyle that makes you feel fantastic from now on.

Of course, a lot of people love going to the gym and don’t find it boring at all, so you might want to give it a try anyway and see what happens.

You Hate Working Out Alone

So, you don’t get much exercise because you hate the mere thought of working out alone? Well, why don’t you look to do it with some company instead then?

Getting some company for your work outs is a great move that will pay you big dividends in the future. This should help you to motivate and inspire you even when you aren’t particularly in the mood for getting a lot of exercising done.

Of course, the best approach is to find a way of being active that you and your exercise partner both love. This could mean going to the gym together or maybe each getting towbar cycle carriers that you can use to go out for a fun, shared cycling trip.

Whatever you choose to do with your exercise buddy, you can look on this as being a way of socialising and having a good time while also enjoying a more active lifestyle.

It Is Too Expensive

Another excuse that people tend to make is that working out is going to be too expensive for them. However, this is usually based on the assumption that they either need to go to the gym regularly or else buy a lot of equipment for working out at home.

Yet, the truth is that adding some exercise to your life can be cheap or else completely free. For instance, you could start to walk to work or you could do some squats or go jogging.

There is certainly no reason to think that you need to spend a fortune on getting fitter. If you want to make a big improvement to your way of living then it is simply about making the effort to find out what suits you most of all.

Above all, you should come to the conclusion that it is time to stop looking for excuses. You can make the lifestyle change that you need just by taking the time to look into some options and discovering which one make your feel best.


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