GoldCar is the largest player in the Spanish market. Representations of this company are in some other countries of Europe, but it is not yet feasible to compete with the world-famous brands. In fact, this major distributor is known for its pseudo low prices and conflicting reviews on the Internet. Let us tell you how not to get on the money and how to save then choosing GoldCar Athens car rental.

Where to find the office

So, if you destination point is Athens you must know the places of car rental services. When you are at the airport, after receiving the baggage, move to the arrival hall and turn to the right. Passing the building on the right, you will see the parking of tourist buses. There you should wait for GoldCar shuttle bus that takes you directly to the office, nearby from the airport.

When ordering a car online you choose a certain tariff. There is a tariff at which you get a car with an empty tank and you should return it with an empty tank too. The second option is when you take a car with a full tank and return it with the full one. In the second case, fuel is included at the cost larger than on the gas station.

Terms of GoldCar car rental

Generally, this car rental in Athens has the common conditions: the minimum age of the driver must be 21 years, and he must have a driving license issued more than 1 year ago. Drivers under the age of 25 or those licensed from 1 year to 4 years ago will be required to pay an additional charge. Before going back to the airport, customers are required to return the car to the rental office.

Nuances and tariffs

The GoldCar lease contract is made entirely in Spanish: all the items, and their completions. On the reverse side, all the terms of the contract are written in very small letters and in Spanish too. Note that if you receive a fine for violation of traffic rules, GoldCar will require about 40 euros of service charge.

Let’s look at some possible tariffs there. For example – Airport Yellow. In this variant of car rental are included the following things: insurance against theft, driver and passenger insurance, Damage insurance (CDW), limited mileage, VAT, local fees and taxes, cancellation without costs until the last minute. The size of the franchise varies depending on the category of rental car. Usually, franchise costs from 1100 to 1400 euros.

Very popular is Crazy Smart tariff, however, it is non-refundable. Moreover, if you go to other islands – pay €9 for each day of hire, a maximum sum is about €90. In case of an accident, you will be charged €50 more and another €40 for every fine (if there are such). If you return the car more than an hour late – you have to pay €40.

As for cars, Citroen C1 (15 euro), Fiat 500 (16 euros), Nissan Micra (16 euros) and Ford Focus (18 euro) are the most demandable models.

Pieces of Advice

Plan time for receiving and returning a car with a margin. Due to the fact that managers insist on insurance, huge queues are formed. For each customer it takes 10-15 minutes to rent a car, which means there is a chance to stand up about 2 hours!

Prepare your nervous system in advance for a long wait, especially if you arrive in the evening. Neither will do for the sake of saving several hundred euros!


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