If you are considering signing up in a volunteering program abroad, there are a few things you should know first. In the following rows hopefully you’ll find valuable information about gap year volunteering, the do’s and don’ts, that will help you make the best decision when choosing your gap year volunteering company,

Does the age count for a gap year volunteering?

This may be a question on many people’s minds but the answer is simpler than you may have thought. The majority of the volunteer-sending organisations require their participants to be at least eighteen years old, so these types of gap year volunteeringprojects are suitable even for individuals who just finished school and would like to participate in something that will produce a positive impact both on them, and on other people.

How do I choose the right gap year volunteering organization?

There isn’t a single best choice for everyone out there, simply because each of us is different and we all resonate at different things and experiences, based on our personality, so the best thing you could do is to start researching online for volunteering placements organisations and contact the one that feels closer to your heart, and the one that you feel that will offer you a personal connection depending on the languages you speak and you cultural interests.

One particular volunteering organization that has proven to be quite trustworthy and with many successful volunteering projects abroad in their portfolio is Tru Experience Travel, so you might as well check-out their website and see what you make of it.

Is there a recommended time period for volunteering?

The short answer is no, however the long answer will probably satisfy your curiosity better. In general, the longer you can volunteer the better, because there’s always place in the world for good deeds, so the real question you should ask yourself is: how long can you volunteer before it starts impacting you in a negative way in terms of education and personal health. You should always chew what you can eat, otherwise you’ll find yourself one day the person that needs help from a volunteer, and no one wants that.

Search for transparent agencies and volunteering organisations that allow you to trace where your money go to and that have palpable results that can be provided. Another great way to trial out different gap year volunteering organisations is to ask evidence that their budget is truly spent on costs required for running the project or spent on investments in the community.

Here’s hoping that the above article has proven valuable and that people looking to take a gap year for volunteering abroad will be one step closer to their goal after reading it.


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