If you are an employer looking to ensure that you only hire people with the legal right to work, one way to be sure is to hire professionals to do the right research. After all, one mistake could damage the reputation of your company or cause you a number of disastrous payroll complications. Rather than worrying about that when hiring employees, you could simply take measures to ensure that you are protected at all times.

Checking Visas

Immigration advice and services in West Yorkshire allow you to check the types of visas that your employees hold, meaning that you have less to worry about when bringing in new talent. Even if a person has a visa, it could be that it is limited in what that person is allowed to do in regard to work while in the country. Only the right, reliable service can ensure that you hire employees with the proper visas for work every single time, which can afford you significant peace of mind.


With a reliable service on your side, it is fairly quick and simple to determine whether your workers have the right to work in the first place. Many different types of visas exist and not all allow the person who has been issued the visa the right to work. Verification can simplify your payroll system and smooth out operations within your company.

Clear Results

On occasion, the Home Office Employer Checking Service may send an inaccurate response or one significantly lacking in any clear detail. The only way to ensure that the information given to you is 100% correct is by contacting a company capable of following up with pointed querying. This type of service should not only make it exceptionally simple and easy for you to get the results you need, but you should be able to go into the hiring process with fewer worries about what surprises you may face in the future.


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