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I love travel. But it can’t always be 100% flawless and without hitches, can it? If you’ve travelled even a little, there’s a chance you’ve encountered one of my travel bugbears. But over a huge number of years of travelling, I’ve learnt how to make the best of them! Here are my tips.

1.   Flight Delays

You turn up at the airport all excited for the journey ahead and you’re greeted with: DELAY!

An hour or two is a pain. But when it gets to 4 or 5 hours or even an overnight delay, it becomes very problematic.

How do you make the best of it?

Well, make sure you have plenty of books or entertainment with you and try to regard the delay as your down time if you’re travelling solo.

And don’t forget, you can claim flight delay compensation for lengthy delays within the EU and the linked article talks you through doing that directly, without involving any claims management companies.

Take the money you claim and treat yourself! Every cloud has a silver lining, after all.

2. Unexpected Weather

If you’re heading off for a break to sunnier climes and expecting beach weather, rain can be a pain. And if it rains for the majority of your break then your sunbathing plans might well be out the window!

But you can turn a rainy situation into a positive one!

Rainy weather means the beaches will be super quiet. While you might not be able to sunbathe, you could find yourself a quiet sheltered spot to enjoy a good book or go exploring. Rainy beaches make for some very memorable photos too.

3. Forgetting Things!

Arriving at your destination after a long day of travel only to find you’ve forgotten something is a nightmare. But as long as it’s only something minor, like a swimming costume, clothes or accessories, then it needn’t be a huge deal.

Look at it instead as an opportunity to go exploring and find local shops to buy replacements from.

Happy Travels!

Nothing beats a stress free getaway. But when things do go wrong, it’s about making the best of a bad situation and trying to find the silver lining. So wherever you go and whatever happens on the way, have a fab time!



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