Thinking of taking your kids out for a night of fun? Whether you’re staying in to play or you are looking to do something special with your children, did you know that play for children is more than just a source of entertainment? Play for children is also much more than just a pastime. In fact, it is an integral part of childhood development, both for emotional and physical growth.

The fact is, play matters. Through all types of play, from hopscotch and sports to roleplay and imaginary games, your child is developing critical life skills and expanding both their mental and physical capabilities in preparation for the challenges of adulthood. To learn more about the importance of play and how you can encourage your children to engage in play sessions by visiting kids attractions in Kuala Lumpur, here are the top five benefits of play for children.

Improved Behaviour

Did you know that the secret to good behaviour may lie in play? Studies show that children have better behaviour when they regularly participate in play sessions. Getting some exercise and having the chance to fidget and blow off steam can help children refocus and exhibit overall better behaviour. Exercise is good for everyone, and especially for children of all ages.

So, if you notice that your child is acting up, you may want to consider giving your child a chance to play. It will give your child a chance to exercise and engage their brain, and will hopefully help control any bad behaviours.

Increased Social Skills

Social skills are integral for both childhood and adult life. Communication is one of the cornerstones of well-rounded social skills, along with a developed vocabulary, conflict resolution, and more. Through play such as roleplaying and imagination games children can learn how to navigate social situations with other children.

Development of Teamwork Skills

Speaking of social skills, teamwork is a related skill that children should always be seeking to learn and improve. Teamwork is an important part of getting along with and working with others, and playing together with other children can give your child the opportunity to work towards mastering this skill. The more opportunities your child has to play and work together with other children, the better.


Exercise is an important part of childhood development. In fact, children require a minimum of 45 minutes of physical activity per day to grow and stay healthy. Most children and adults don’t get enough exercise each week, which is why it is so important to encourage regular physical activity in children. Play can be a fun way to encourage exercise, so you can give it a try though engaging in sports and other activities that get your kids up and moving around every day.

Growth through Knowledge

Last but not least, your child will learn as they play. With each game, sport, or play session, there are invaluable lessons to be learned and knowledge to be gained. Not to mention that it’s a fun and engaging way to learn, which means your child will be more motivated to learn as well.



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