Spain is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and is an extremely popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The country was once a very contentious battleground, and the remnants of the many battles fought here still remain among the old forts and castles littered throughout the country. Spain was once ruled by the Muslims before the Christians took over, and many of the old buildings still have a distinctive, Islamic touch to them. For people who are fans of architecture and history, Spain proves to be a very attractive destination.

Apart from its historical roots, the football culture in Spain is also tremendously popular. Football clubs such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are globally represented, with some of the greatest players in the world playing at their stadiums. For those who like nature and the countryside, Spain is a heavenly location. There are amazing walking tracks and pathways that meander through the countryside and take you through gorgeous locations. For those who are active and like exploration, Spain walking holidays can be a lot of fun. In fact, a walking holiday in Spain is just what you need after a few months of hard work! Here are some basic tips for planning a walking holiday in this beautiful country.

Talk to a Local Travel Agency

There are numerous travel agencies within the UK that can help you in planning a walking holiday. These holidays are very different from ordinary holidays, so you need help from a specialist travel agency to plan the whole thing. You will be staying at local accommodations during the course of your stay, and most of the tour is completely self-guided. When you land, the company will give you the essential tools and equipment that you need to go hiking. You will be given the maps and everything else along with the details of where you will be spending your nights. You must cover a certain amount of the distance every day.

Choose the Tour

There are plenty of walking pathways spread throughout Spain, however, the difficulty level varies from path to path. For people who are reasonably fit and don’t have a problem with walking longer distances, a more difficult pathway might be a viable choice, however, for people who have difficulty walking over varied terrain, selecting a more difficult pathway is a bad idea.

Plan Accordingly

You will be walking for most of the day, and even though it’s an amazing adventure where you get to explore the country and meet the locals close and upfront, you must ensure that you pack accordingly. Don’t carry a heavy bag full of your personal belongings, it’s only going to slow you down. Frequent travellers have talked about the importance of packing light and how it makes walking so much easier for them. You should follow this advice and make sure that you only pack the essentials that you need so that you can get the best out of your trip.



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