Bath is a highly underrated holiday destination for anyone who wants to stay somewhere different in England. If you’ve ever been to Rome and were impressed by the incredible architecture and history, then you will feel instantly at home in Bath which is after all, a Roman spa town with many of the same design sensibilities. Couple this with the surrounding lush greenery and you have a unique yet beautiful-looking city that’s quite unlike anywhere else in England or Italy, but rather provides the best of both.
As well as being a historic town with beautiful architecture, Bath is also of course a great place to go if you just want to relax and unwind. After all Bath is a ‘spa town’ as we already mentioned, so it stands to reason that the spa facilities would feature quite heavily and that the rest of the experience would be in keeping with somewhere designed to let you recharge your batteries and come away feeling rested. Here we’ll look at how to get the most out of your stay…
Visit the Thermal Spa
Of course if you are going to Bath you should visit the main thermal spa which is called ‘Thermae Bath Spa’. This is a truly indulgent way to spend an afternoon, and of course you will come away feeling completely pampered and relaxed, but at the same time like you have gotten to sample a slice of this city’s heritage.
Book ahead online and you’ll find you can get the full experience without breaking the bank. Make sure you do book a complete package however and book yourself in for some of the treatments as well to make the most of this one-off experience. The most impressive and exciting feature here however is of course the open-air thermal baths themselves, which are situated on top of the roof of the building giving you views over all of the beautiful city and surrounding area while you relax in the wonderfully warm water. Make sure you plan this for a nice day though, as otherwise chilly winds and rain can detract from the restful indulgence.
Go for Afternoon Tea
Once you’ve been bathed and rubbed and spent a few hours lying around doing nothing you won’t feel like doing much active. So how do you follow that? Well one great option is to go to the Pump Room restaurant which is arguably the most famous restaurant in Bath. Eating a full meal here is quite expensive and you might find yourself a little bloated after all the relaxation, but the venue is perfect for an afternoon tea which is a leisurely way to spend an afternoon dining in style without breaking the bank.
See the Baths
Of course the Thermae Bath Spa isn’t exactly what the Romans would have used back in the day. If you really want to drink in some of the history of the town then (not literally of course – this isn’t drinking water), you should visit the original Baths which are no longer in use but which will provide a great insight into Roman life.  There’s also a great museum here, and it’s just something you have to do if you’re in Bath.
Go for a Stroll
To really appreciate Bath at your own pace though I’d highly recommend going for a stroll in the evening or afternoon. There are lots of gardens here that are wonderful to enjoy a bite of lunch in, and the high streets are packed with charming and quirky shops without being too busy or crowded. This way you can also just enjoy the cobbled streets and many bridges and if you’re anything like most people who visit – fall instantly in love with the place.


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