Travelling and exploring the world with your significant other is an experience like no other. When it comes to embarking on a honeymoon, it becomes important that you choose a location which is romantic and beautiful in equal measure. If you and your partner are looking for a romantic getaway and want to make your honeymoon as memorable as possible, why not pick Bali! Bali with its natural beauty, lush green surroundings, rich cultural offerings, traditions, laid-back atmosphere and dreamy landscapes make it the ideal destination and the perfect place for romance. Furthermore, Bali has been ranked amongst the top destinations for couples looking for eye-catching pre-wedding photo locations which surely add to its endless appeal.

Ranked amongst the most romantic destinations on the planet, Bali is replete with so many activities that you will often end up getting confused. Be it a sunset dinner cruise, sunrise hike, relaxing massages, special love chakra treatments or a lively nightlife, Bali has something in store for every couple making it a truly adventurous yet romantic getaway together. There are thousands of activities for lovebirds to indulge in picturesque Bali, but we are going to narrow it down to our top picks.

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  1. Sunset Dinner – Jimbaran Beach

Head over to Jimbaran Beach where a fine sunset dinner awaits you. With Bali’s most decorated temple looming over you along with a scenic backdrop of the bay, there is nothing more romantic and relaxing than this! With a large variety of scrumptious sea food waiting to be devoured along with an array of exotic sauces and spices, you’re assured of treating yourselves to great food. Get away from the hustle and bustle and instead revel in the cool ocean breeze while gorging on some lip-smacking food which enhances this unique setting even further.

  1. Tanah Lot Temple

One of the most popular and photographed places in Bali, Tanah Lot Sunset Tour grants you and your beloved with stunning views of the sunset. One of the seven sea temples along Bali’s coast, Tanah Lot Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple which gives you an insight into beautiful traditional Balinese architecture. Additionally, there are several places of interest such as Taman Ayun Temple and Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest which will surely captivate both of you in equal earnest. Enjoy an evening of relaxed ambiance while witnessing traditional performances by the locals in spectacular surroundings along with a breathtaking panoramic view of the coast. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can take a hike down to the base of the temple, depending on the tide, and marvel at the architectural wonder with the sunset in the backdrop in all its glory.

  1. Snuggle Up in A Cave

If you’re looking to do something offbeat with your loved one, why not go back to where civilization originated, a cave.  Situated in the province of Nusa Dua, get to experience your own private cave at a private beach at Samabe Resort. This one-of-a-kind experience comes along with a private butler where you can sample some brilliant food presentations while witnessing an amazing sunset on the South Coast of Bali. To further enhance the experience, you will be surrounded by candles which really helps set the mood for the evening and the accompanying night that follows.

  1. Elephant Surprise

Now here’s something which is surely going to delight you and your partner. Tucked away in the lush green jungles of Taro, you are handed a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with elephants at the Elephant Safari Park. Enjoy a chance to hand feed them, take photos with them and even sit atop them as they stroll through the jungle in their natural habitat. Sit back, relax and enjoy a thoroughly satisfying meal while you gape at elephants going about their rituals. Home to about 30 Sumatran elephants, be amazed as they splash and dunk in the adjoining lake and dry off in the sizzling morning sun. This exclusive interactive experience will definitely leave a long-standing impression within your hearts and minds and is a must for any visitor to Bali. Before you leave, don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop and buy an elephant-themed gift for yourselves to remember this mesmerizing place by.

  1. Partake in Some Cooking Lessons

Why not live life with a little spice and cook up some meals to truly sweep your better half off his/her feet. A visit to Casa Luna is a journey for the senses.  If cooking is not your forte, fear not as Casa Luna pairs you up with your better half for a unique joint cooking session. With a great open-plan location, this is easily the most famous and the best cooking school in Bali. Learn how to cook up some terrific & authentic Indonesian food and truly immerse yourselves in Balinese culture. If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, fear not as there are Honeymoon Guesthouses where you can treat your partner to some exotic couple spas to truly unwind. Offering a fine selection of Balinese and Mediterranean dishes, Casa Luna is a fitting location for romantic conversations and for creating memories that will last a lifetime.  With its relaxed tropical atmosphere and live Jazz sessions, this place truly makes for a magical location without making any significant dent in your wallet

  1. Spice Up Things with a Volcanic Walk

There’s something quite romantic about hiking up the mountains with your lover, and this one is a bit of a discovery. Located in Batur village in the Kintamani region, standing tall at 1,717 metres above sea level, Mount Batur is an active volcano lying amongst one of the sacred mountains and is a majestic sight to behold. Experience nature at its finest as you get to witness a spectacular view of the sunrise from atop the volcano in this two-hour long trek. Flanked by the adjoining Mount Abang and Mount Agung in the distance, get a chance to relax to the natural beauty around you. Furthermore, you can get to click some surreal photos as you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to getting the perfect backdrop. Make sure to take a private route when embarking on the trek as the traditional routes tend to get too crowded. While you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy a meal in the hidden GunungBatukuru restaurant before you put an end to your romantic sojourn.

Final Thoughts

Spectacular sunsets? Check. Gorgeous beaches? Check. Stunning mountain ranges? Check; Bali will truly take your breath away.  Although these six experiences will surely add a spark to your love story, undoubtedly, there’s a lot more to do in Bali besides what’s been listed here. With plenty of cheap flights available, Bali entails a magical, romantic, and inspiring experience which makes it ideal for couples who aren’t looking to splurge.


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