Anyone who is travelled via a plane would guide a first-timer about the quantity of items which are allowed to be carried. This rule has been there for quite some time now, but even the most experienced passengers tend to not know why there is a limitation for certain items. For instance, you may have noticed that only 100 ml of liquid or aerosol is allowed to be carried, whether you travel on Saudi Arabian Airlines or any other carrier service. Ever wondered why? Well here is a quick explanation to that.

The truth behind the rule

In 2006, there had been a case of a terrorist act aboard on not just one but seven flights where the plot involved carrying liquid explosives. The mission was aboard flights from the U.K. to the U.S. and Canada. This incident has been known in the history as 2006 Transatlantic Aircraft Plot. Luckily, the British police uncovered the plot in advance, but this also raised up the level of tight security measures taken at airports all over the world.

The details

The British police got to intercept the plot details through the help of a British interceptor named Ahmed Ali who found about this mission between Al-Qaeda and the mission plotters. The bomb that was found in one of the plotters baggage during checking raised an alarm leading to the rescheduling of the flights present that day. This truly would have been a horrendous incident if it were not for the Ahmed Ali to let the police know about it.

Other tight security rules that implemented post incident

The above incident had a lot of effect on the way passengers travel nowadays. Security does not allow passengers to carry a number of items that may seem a possible component of a fatal explosive or any other similar item. For quite some time after that incident there was a complete ban on bringing any kind of liquid on a flight. However, the security softened a little and let passengers at least carry 100ml of liquid. But, this too has to be shown at the security table carried neatly in a zip-top transparent bag. Some airlines like Saudi Arabian airlines follow such rules very seriously, which is why it is advisable to follow their protocol aboard.

Even the use of advanced technology has now been implemented to keep a check on all kinds of items including liquids. However, you do get to keep certain items such as prescription drugs, baby food, etc. on your journey. These two have to be clearly informed at the security check before proceeding for Mumbai to Port Blair flights or similar flights.

No one would like to take any chances aboard. The fear of traveling thousands of feet up in the air is itself quite challenging for many passengers. And, with such complications generating due to leniency in the rules would only risk the lives of hundreds of passengers. That is why, when you travel on Mumbai to Port Blair flights, you get to see the tight security regarding the carrying of only 100ml liquid aboard.


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