It’s easy to say “holiday”. If you hate to visit always and only the classic traditional destinations, if you have in mind a small or great period of absolute relaxation to regenerate body and mind in a unique synergy, if you are looking for something extraordinary that goes beyond what we are accustomed to seeing every day, Charminly is undoubtedly the winning weapon for a dream vacation that you will surely remember for a very long time.

Thanks to its vast selection of warm, welcoming, enchanting structures, immersed in nature but always close to the most interesting towns and villages to visit, the Charminly staff offers users not only destinations and accommodation facilities among which to choose the best for their tastes and needs but also (and above all) a real experience to live at 360 degrees.

Living a journey and not just doing it: this is the true philosophy underlying the daily commitment of Charminly who personally examines through his staff all the places and accommodation that are then proposed on the site.

But how do you propose to potential guests of a hotel, an agriturism, a bed and breakfast or any other accommodation that is more than a simple description? You need to use all your passion. Passion for the world of travel, passion for discovery, passion for authenticity.

This is why within Charminly you will find not only dozens of small charming structures, selected one by one by visiting them and getting in touch with those who run them and the territory, but also a real treasure: lots of information on the history of the places, on their artistic riches, on the cultural and gastronomic events not to be missed, on the tastes and the most ancient traditions that are absolutely worth discovering to enrich their internal, cultural and emotional baggage.

This is how a holiday becomes much more than a simple pastime. In this way, the tourist becomes a guest and for a certain period of time, that of his stay in a place, is an integral part of something he did not know but that, once known, remains his forever.

Thanks to the appropriate sections on the home page of the site, in fact, the user can access a wide range of thematic articles on architectural and cultural works in the towns and villages where the accommodation facilities are located but also the sports that is possible practice according to the area chosen for your holiday, taking advantage in this way of a real “open-air museum” given by the unspoiled nature that surrounds the different charming structures specially selected by Charminly.

And that’s not all: for those who are passionate about good food and the discovery of the typical flavors of the places they visit during their travels, Charminly makes available to users a special section dedicated to the typical delicacies of each place, to the description of all the natural ingredients used and to the different areas where it is possible to taste every particular dish. A definitely tasty way to really discover all the Italian beauties.


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