At Splendia, we are fans of the coast between Marseille and Cassis, a coastline of about fifteen kilometers which is home to the national park of Calanques. But what is a creek? To give a simple explanation, these are fjords that were carved naturally in the high limestone cliffs about 12,000 years ago. This is how the Riou archipelago was formed. Explore the creeks and you will discover beautiful caves with sandy or pebble beach’s and turquoise waters plunging on the shore, all forming extraordinary places.

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You can explore them yourself, unless you prefer a guided tour by boat, catamaran or minibus. It’s up to you to decide! If you want to see the most beautiful creeks of Marseille, we recommend the following ten to start.

  1. En-Vau

En-Vau is an amazing winery located 50 minutes walk. It is well worth the walk for its small pebble beach and its impressive views of the sea.

  1. Sormiou

Sormiou, one of the most famous creeks of Marseille, has a beautiful white sand beach and is very popular with kayakers and climbers. Well-maintained trails allow you to visit the surrounding area, and the nearby restaurant offers delicious local specialties.

  1. Marseilleveyre

Marseilleveyre, one of the most accessible creeks, is a vast cove with a beach of sand and pebbles where the sun is always at the rendezvous. There is also a restaurant.

  1. Sugiton

The Sugiton cove, accessible through a steep and winding concrete path along the cliff, has pebble beach’s and is popular with locals. Beware, no bar is installed, and you should think to bring your refreshments, especially since the descent lasts about an hour.

  1. Port-Pin

This beautiful creek, which takes its name from the pines that surround it, is easily accessible from Port-Miou (see # 9). With its beach of sand and pebbles, it is the creek that marks the border between Marseille and Cassis.

  1. The Queyrons

The creek Les Queyrons has very little covered space, so be careful on days when the sun hits hard. The tiny pebble beach is ideal if you want to feel away from the world.

  1. Podestat

A Calanques very quiet, with a pebble beach and a small cave carved in the rock on the west side, to shelter you from the sun.

  1. The Eye of Glass

The road that leads to the Cove of Glass Eye is beautiful, with breathtaking views, but it is not easy. Be careful, this creek has no beach and it is not suitable for swimming.

  1. Port-Miou

Port-Miou, the only creek belonging to Cassis, is larger than most other creeks. Indeed, you will find a small marina and several restaurants. However, it does not have beaches strictly speaking, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  1. Morgiou

Morgiou is a cove which, more than a holiday destination seems inhabited by the local population. It is famous for the Conquer cave and its many Paleolithic paintings. As the entrance to the cave is below sea level, it is now closed to the public.


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