When you set up a trip to go abroad with your spouse, there is a good chance that you done so with good intentions. As anyone will know having done it before, though, the dream romantic trip away can soon become a nightmare abroad if you don’t prepare for it accordingly.

This is why we recommend that if you want to start making some big changes to your travel lifestyle that you consider the following ideas. This should help you to make the most of any time that you spend abroad with your spouse.

Decide on everything together

Nothing is more annoying to your other half than if you just turn up with a list of activities to go and do together. If you want to make the trip abroad feel special, discuss everywhere that you could go and visit together: it will make it much easier to create a journey you both actually enjoy.

Seek out your passions

One of the best ways to make a fun trip abroad is to let both of you more easily discover your life passions. For example, you could spend a few days touring the home of your passion, and a few days traveling around the home of her passion. This creates very interesting and diverse experiences.

Make every activity for two

Since you both have agreed to go away together, there is a good chance that you have done so because you want to escape everyone else in your lives for a little while. You are here together, though, so it makes obvious sense to ensure that the entire experience is built mostly around activities for two. You are here together, so embrace that togetherness!

Be happy to make compromises

If you are both interested in visiting one place, you might find it hard to make time for all of your activities. If that is the case, then we recommend coming up with a Top 4 list each, and then giving each other the opportunity to cut one activity off to make space for one activity from your partner, making it easier to create harmony and avoid discord during your planning.

Matching to your personalities

It’s always important that you try and make sure you can find things to do that matches up with who you are. A lot of people, for example, will spend a lot of time just messing around trying to find tourist trap things to do. Find things to do that matches up to your joint personalities. From going to see locations of political importance to making sure you try out every local wine and ale possible, make sure that you match up the experiences you choose to your interests as a couple.

Still need some more help making trips together special?

It’s not always easy to get a trip away together right, even following the above.

So, if you want to get some better ideas for making the most of that trip abroad outside of the above, be sure to check out Darek and Gosia. They are a couple who run a travel blog, and make it pretty easy to see what the ideal trip abroad with your partner should look like. Need some inspiration for your time away together? Then take a look here: it’s pretty inspiring!


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