If I have to answer this question in one word then it is INCREDIBLE. Just stick with me until the end of this article and you will know why. Every time someone steps in Dubai from any corner of the world, either it’s for business purposes or a simple trip escaping the world full of hectic daily routines. No matter how you come, where you come, you cannot resist the awesomeness of desert. And one way to feel this desert is through desert safari trips in Dubai. So how exactly it is to experience Desert Safaris in Dubai? Let’s find out.

The Peace of Mind

That is what every other person looks for when he or she plans a vacation- peace of mind. Desert safari may sound like your bums lifting few inches in an SUV but that’s not all. There’s a giant ground of golden sand that turns silver under the moon light. And that desert is waiting to hand you one of the most amazing desert experiences. The desert speaks to you with silence. And you can speak to it by spending some time with it. The night desert safaris in Dubai give you the chance to sleep under those mesmerizing stars. Night desert camps let you enjoy the entertainment shows with traditional Arabic food. Or you can just turn on some melancholic music on your iPod while this desert soaks all your worries in it. Isn’t that’s what you desire?

Exciting Adventurous Activities

While one side of desert will serve you with immense peace, the other can pump the adrenaline in your veins. A major part business of desert safaris in Dubai operates these different and exciting activities.

To start with, the best one is dune buggy safari which is a 4×4 drive vehicle (mostly a jeep or land cruiser) sliding through the sand, offering you a thrilling experience crawling up and down in mighty sand hills. To make it more adventurous just for yourself, you can opt for quad bike riding.

Next up is sandboarding. You may not be familiar with the name, but once you experience it, it’ll be impossible to forget the name. Similar to snowboarding, you just have surf on a board but on the sand. This sand surfing experience will leave you stunned with amazing thrill.

The Morning Desert Safari

While the evening and night desert safaris can give you the taste of the desert in Dubai cheap hotels, morning safaris can turn summer trips into heaven. Summer is not recommended that much for desert safaris. But as the night falls and cools it down, the mornings are chilling. Choose your desert safari plan accordingly and get to know what desert is like in natural light but without sun.


When you are eyeing for a vacation, Dubai safari flight has everything to make holidays exquisite. So make a plan and hop for all the amazing desert safari experiences at reasonable budget.


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