The world is a very wonderous structure that is home to over a billion species. Indeed, these creatures are not all available in the same location but are scattered all over the globe. And this is fantastic since you get to secure cheap holidays excursions and travel to see them. And below are some of those destinations.

Cats in Japan

The home of Hello Kitty was not named so in vain. In fact, 13 islands in the Japanese nation holds the highest number of cats that surpasses the human count. For people who love cats, this is the place for you.

South Africa for the big five

If you are a lover of the outdoors vast savannah animals, then head down to South Africa to see the big five- the lion, elephant, leopard, African buffalo, and the rhino. Any animal lover would get a treat of a lifetime getting to interact with the animals in their natural habitat.

 Oman for turtles

If the slow-moving but fast-swimming animals are your treats, then go to the Oman country. Here you get to witness the turtles in hundreds offshore, and if you are courageous enough, you can carry the little ones.

 Lapland for Santa’s reindeer

Ever heard of Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer? Well, if you have, you can travel to Lapland to get a glimpse of Rulolfs family members. You never know, when you set your trip for the winter, you can get to see Santa himself. Wouldn’t that be nice?

 Quebec for whales

The sea life is a wonder many cannot comprehend. And one big surprise, literally, is the whale. The biggest mammal living in the water can be viewed in the Quebec waters. Well, you cannot ride on them, but a picture near one is possible.

 Sri Lanka for Asian Elephants

Asian elephants are known to be the most docile when compared to their African cousins. That means you can ride one, pet them, and even take a picture on or beside them. And if you would like this experience, get to Sri Lanka. 

 Golden retriever club of Scotland in Scotland

This is an event held at least once a year where people get to come with their dogs and enrol them in fun activities. The location is not a random one, but it is once believed to be the subject to the Retriever ancestry.

 Woodstock farm animal sanctuary in the USA 

If you have never seen pigs, chicken, goats, sheep, and so many more farm animals, a visit to this sanctuary is the treat for you. You can take the kids with you for extra fun.

 Sacred cows in India

Do you know that the beef you have in your burgers is a sacred lot in India? Sound bizarre right, but it really is not. The Indians consider the animal holy and will even bow or bend to pray in front of one. Go to India and see for yourself.

Giant pandas in china

If you thought your stuffy bear was cuddly, wait till you see a giant panda in China. These black and white-coated creatures are a spectacle you will forever cherish.

A journey to any of the locations mentioned above will create everlasting memories.


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