Travelling abroad can be a great way to unwind and relax after a months or even years of hard work and stress, but if the right measures and preparation are not put in place, the entire process can become stressful in itself! Things such as passport renewal and buying your airplane tickets are certainly the obvious things to take care of before heading out on holiday, but there are always those last minute problems that come up to get you rushing about. Here are a few hand reminders to help you prepare in good time for your well-deserved vacation.


Many people are comfortable exchanging their money once they have landed in their desired destination, but this can cause problems is a number for ways. Firstly, the exchange rate in most airports (be it local or foreign) is commonly fairly poor, meaning you would be better off waiting to you reach a bank or currency exchange office in the foreign city. This in turn, would leave you vulnerable and penniless for the beginning of your vacation; what if should need a cab? What if you needed to purchase refreshments or other essentials upon landing? By ensuring you exchange your money well before your holiday, not only will you have lots of time to shop around for an exchange rate that you feel is good for you, but you will have money to cover any cab fares or purchases upon arrival.


It may not occur to everyone that many different countries have different voltages and fitting in their electricity outlets. If you are traveling with electronic appliances such as a hairdryer, laptop or rechargeable camera, it may be wise to take along the correct adapter/converter for the country you are visiting. These handy converters simply plug into the foreign socket, and then allow you to plug your appliance in as your would normally.

Plane Essentials

Packing a few thoughtful items in your carry-on luggage can prove be be a huge help on the plane; and with the use of this handy care package, you can be sure to be ready for the flight!

Taking a pack of wetwipes onto the plane can be great for taking care of sticky hands the kids may get after tucking into their bag of in-flight candy; these can also be used for a quick freshen up if you start to feel a little clammy or drowsy. A handy ‘stain stick’ can be a life saver if you are prone to splashes and spillage; you can quickly remove any stains you might get on the plane by quickly applying this. Taking some extra vitamin c before your flight can help boost your immune system and help fight off any germs that may be touring the aircraft; all planes filter recycled air through their fans and coolers to it’s wise to take a few extra precautions before heading out.

So there we are, a few last minute tips and ideas to help you enjoy your vacation to the full!


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