Running a travel company requires attention to detail every step of the way. From providing an unforgettable travel experience to attracting visitors online, it is important to focus on every aspect of building your enterprise. Consider seven travel SEO strategies bloggers often overlook.

Ongoing Keyword Research

Informative travel blogs are one of the most effective ways to market travel companies. And often bloggers perform initial keyword research then keeping using the same terms in their content. Search terms and rankings are continually changing. Ongoing keyword research is imperative to ensure your content contains terms that reach out to your target market.

Metadata and Alt Tags

Often bloggers forget to add metadata and alt tags to their blog content and images. When the cursor lingers over your website in the search bar, specific words appear. These words are the metadata, which  should be optimized and summarize your article. And alt tags further define an image so it is easy to find during an online search.

Original Images

Plenty of online resources exist that provide professional photos at affordable prices. But often these photos are used on other travel websites. If it is possible, try to add original images to your blog posts. Make sure the photos are unique and completely capture the blog topic. The most successful travel blogs typically use original images in most of the posted content.

Appealing Videos

Travel is a visual industry. People want to imagine themselves in exotic locations. Make it easier by posting interesting videos on your blog. Firsthand videos are popular because they help brand your business and define your unique voice. Offer a video tour of the luxurious accommodations, alluring amenities, and everything that makes the travel experience special. A video is an ultimate way for people to visualize themselves on vacation in a faraway land.

Social Media Updates

A neglected social media account makes your business look inactive. A travel company should have dedicated social media pages on sites that make it easy to share content, photos, and video. Focus on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn along with newer ones such as SnapChat. Provide ongoing updates to stay connected with your followers and attract additional visitors. Interact with your connections regularly, so your posts are not a monologue. It takes time and effort, but the results are impressive.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Go beyond your blog and social media accounts by publishing articles at other travel and business sites. Many sites welcome well-written guest blogs. Provide useful information and include a link back to your website. Answer common questions and offer little-known travel updates to attract more readers. Bloggers who attract traffic are always welcomed back to publish another article. Try to get posted at high authority websites by submitting a query or idea to the travel editor. Sometimes it takes weeks to get a reply as the editors of favorite sites are busy. But even one article at a well-read website can give your travel company great exposure. And these types of guest articles also help boost your rankings on the search engines.

Measure Traffic and Rankings

Travel SEO strategies are meaningless if you fail to measure traffic and rankings. Periodically check the traffic to your articles to see which topics are preferred. Verify your rankings and domain authority on a regular basis. While your rankings may go down a little, you should see steady upward progress in a few months if you do everything right.

As you promote your travel enterprise, keep these seven simple strategies in mind. Focusing on these SEO tactics helps put your blog ahead of the crowd. And if you feel uncomfortable about writing or social media development, outsource these projects to an SEO pro.


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