Chandigarh is an extremely beautiful and vibrant city. The city serves as the capital of two states that are Punjab and Haryana. It offers the richness and cultural inheritance of both the states at its best. The people are warm and open minded to treat even strangers as their own. The welcoming and hospitable demeanor of the people of the city spread joy to every visitor. The soul of Chandigarh is its people who love to live life king size no matter what.

There are plenty of resorts near Chandigarh that are marked with sophisticated furniture, impeccable services and world class infrastructure. All these resorts are well connected with the most favored tourist spots in Chandigarh that can be visited with friends and family to create plenty of unforgettable moments to be treasured for a lifetime. Some of such must visit places are listed below:

Rose Garden – Touted to be the biggest rose garden housing close to 1000 varieties of rose can be viewed and enjoyed in the Rose Garden of Chandigarh. The floral beauty, fragrance and vibrancy of the garden are sure to spread joy into the hearts of the beholders.

Sukhna Lake – Visit Sukhna Lake for a relaxing and peaceful time by the lake. With absolutely no entry fee, it offers sheer joy, happiness and time to bond with family and friends. The harmony of the water body, the walking track and the greenery around makes it a perfect place to relax and rewind.

Rock Garden – Much before the world even woke up to this concept of recycling; Chandigarh had its own recycles marvel in the form of the Rock Garden. Such beautiful sculptures made out of waste product are a real treat for the eyes. The innovativeness is awe-inspiring and captivating for the visitors. Visit Rock Gardens to spend some time amidst these marvelous creations and take back an important life lesson – nothing on this earth comes with an expiry date.

Shanti Kunj – One thing that makes the city of Chandigarh to beautiful is the perfect blend of plantation and concrete. One of the various gardens is Shanti Kunj. Known to be home to innumerable medicinal as well as other plants, Shanti Kunj is ideal for taking a walk or just spending some time with your loved ones.

Government Museum and Art Gallery –

The Government Museun and Art Gallery is another place that can’t be left out by the visitors. The art enthusiasts specially find solace in this place which cannot be replaced by anything else on earth. Every city has its museum and art gallery that reflect the vibes of the city. The city also has other museums such as the International Dolls Museum, Le Corbusier Museum and Child Art Gallery.

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary – The call of the wild that cannot not be ignored by any wildlife enthusiast – Sukhna Wild Life Sanctuary is a must visit venue in Chandigarh. Home to some of the most exotic wild life species and migratory birds, make the time spent in this place worthwhile and memorable.

The city of Chandigarh is filled with innumerable beautiful gardens such as the Smriti Upavan, Children Traffik Park, Topiary Park, Garden of silence and many more. But what make this place so beautiful is its people. Chandigarh is a place that you would want to visit again and again to recreate those moments of joy and happy remembrance.  Lots domestic tour agencies help you to arrange sightseeing scene in Chandigarh.


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