After traveling, you probably have a lot of memories that you don’t want to forget. You can easily remember your vacation by having something to look back on. While pictures can be great, they often simply aren’t enough. You can create a travel scrapbook album so that you can remember all the fun times you had and share some of your memories with others. Those who want to create a travel scrapbook album don’t have to be extremely crafty. With a vinyl cutting machine, you can easily create a travel scrapbook album that will capture all of your favorite memories. Here are some simple ideas on how to personalize your travel scrapbook album by using a vinyl cutting machine.


The word ephemera simple means stuff that was used for a short period of time. Pieces of ephemera that relate to your travel adventures can include hotel key cards, tickets to an attraction, receipts from a certain place or even a plane ticket. All of these items are great to use in a travel scrapbook album. You don’t want to just put them on an album page without adding a little description of it. This is where a vinyl cutting machine comes in. You can cut out words to describe the piece of ephemera. If you don’t want to put in that much work, you can always write a brief description on the page using fancy handwriting and then use the vinyl cutting machine to make a few travel themed accents to place on the page.


If you are looking for something quick and easy to add to your travel scrapbook album, consider using some stamps. They can easily embellish a page and only take a few seconds of your time to do so. Make sure that you don’t just put a few stamps on a page and leave it at that. You should also include a diecut or sticker that you make from a vinyl cutting machine. These items will help you easily be able to personalize each page in your travel scrapbook album. There really isn’t a limit to what you can make with a vinyl cutting machine.


Every personalized travel scrapbook album should have pictures. It’s not uncommon for some travelers to have taken hundreds of pictures from their vacation. While you really shouldn’t include all of these pictures in your travel scrapbook album, you can use a lot of them if you strategically place them on each page. Go through your photos and choose your favorite ones from each destination you visited and each sight you saw. Then, figure out how you want to place them on each page. After you have glued them onto the pages, add some embellishments to really personalize your travel scrapbook album. Use a vinyl cutting machine to make cutouts related to the theme of your page. You can make virtually anything that you want to and these cutouts can easily bring the pages in your travel scrapbook album to life.


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