The magical city of Kolkata is special in many ways! It houses the oldest zoo and the largest public library of the country, among many other iconic buildings. However, when it comes to the climate, the heat and humidity can act as true dampeners. This is possibly why winter time is best for booking Delhi to Kolkata flights, in order to enjoy a great holiday. Why is winter time so very special in Kolkata? Read on.

The Incredible Kolkata Experience during winters

  1. The Controlled Chill: Kolkata certainly gets chilly during winter, but the chill is controllable and the sun shines bright. So, it is an ideal climate for snuggling into your jacket and enjoying tours and excursions outdoors. There is no humidity to contend with either. Unlike Delhi, where the winter can get mercilessly cold, Kolkata boasts a glorious coolness that soothes the soul.
  2. Festivities Galore: The entire city decks up for grand Christmas celebrations as the month of December approaches. The famous Park Street decks up in glorious lighting. Restaurants, pubs and roadside eateries come to life. Celebrations continue well into the New Year and wind up with Saraswati Puja. Malls and supermarkets rise to the occasion too, offering sales and discounts throughout this period. There is a cheerful environment all around.
  3. Weekend Getaways: With this glorious weather pumping up your adrenaline, weekend getaways can be considered for memorable experiences. Once you have spent a couple of days in the City of Joy, you can book trips to the amazing Sunderbansto meet the grand and gorgeous Royal Bengal tiger and savour the enigmatic landscape of the marshlands here. A fabulous beach trip to Puri or Digha is also a great idea.
  4. Delightful Delicacies: Kolkata is also known for its gastronomic delicacies that are specific to the winter season. This is time to relish the nectar-like sweetness of date palm jaggery or nolen gur. You can dig into sweets made from this jaggery to your heart’s content. Winter time also means downing plates of peas kachauris and alu dum at roadside snack outlets! And, of course, you can relish the non-vegetarian fare comprising of succulent kathi rolls, kebabs and loads more.

Winter in Kolkata is likely to provide some exhilarating experiences worth savouring. Enjoy early morning walks, and consider paying visits to the Kalighat Temple and St. Paul’s Cathedral during the early hours of the day. Make sure you book domestic flights between Delhi and Kolkata in advance to avoid price surges. And do not forget to pack a chunk of nolen gur when you head back home.


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