Are you planning to fly to United-States? Well, in that case, you need to have a proper USA-visa. You should follow a proper guide of USA visa application on a sincere note for receiving easy and convenient approval by the visa-authority.

Step 1:

If the country from where you belong is participating at visa-waiver program, then you need not require applying for USA-visa especially for pleasure or corporate tours. But in this case, your stay will be limited to ninety-days only.

Selecting visa-type is very much essential for those applicants whose countries are not a part of a visa-waiver program. Application items and qualifications can clearly indicate visa-type. You should choose the right type that perfectly clicks with your respective situation.

Step 2:

For non-immigrants, a DS-160 form needs to be filled-up accurately and properly. Any immigration translator or attorney can be definitely consulted for filling-up the concerned form correctly. Once submitted, you will not be allowed making any further changes. In case of denied visa, a new form needs to be filled-up. This is one of the most important steps of USA visa application.

Step 3:

Visa-cost payment is very much essential for making the application submitted successfully. If you visit the page of visa-charge then you will find out the list of visa-types and from there you can choose the correct one. You can make the payment either in your native-currency or in US-Dollars. A profile should be created so that receipt-number can be stored and this number will help in booking your appointment of visa-application.

Step 4:

If you think that you are completely ready for facing the visa-application interview then you just need to get into your profile online for viewing the dashboard. From the left-hand menu, you should choose the option schedule-appointment and automatically you will be put into the appointment procedure.Two appointments need to be scheduled one at Embassy and another at visa-application centre. Photos and fingerprints need to be submitted at visa-application centre so that you can attend embassy appointment smoothly and easily.For appointment-scheduling, three most important details needed are visa-application fee-receipt number, passport-number and ten-digit number within the confirmation-page of DS-160. Only after putting these details, you will be taken forward for making selection of visa-type.

Other essential details that need to be entered for getting the appointment booked are dependant count, personal-data, visa-payment confirmation and document-delivery location.

Step 5:

If you want to book an appointment at visa-application center successfully then you have to bring few essential documents:

  • Details at confirmation-page of DS-160.
  • Appointment-confirmation page.
  • Valid passport including all your personal-details.
  • Fingerprint-page and photo oriented details.

Step 6:Moving towards embassy will be the final step but without completing the above steps you will not be able to reach at this step.

     Visa-type related documents.

  • Both old and current passports need to be produced.
  • Print-out of the appointment-confirmation letter.
  • VAC-stamped confirmation-page of DS-160.All these steps need to be completed for fulfilling the requirements of USA visa application. Applications going through all these steps will definitely get approved.


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