With the rich history of Israel, it boasts 3.5 million tourists annually in its capital and largest city, Jerusalem. Being the center of many of the world’s religions, it hosts various spiritual and religious sites that people from different parts of the world flock to. If you’re planning to go to Israel, it’s important for you to consider which Jerusalem luxury hotel to choose for your stay.

If you want to experience the full potential of this historical city, there’s no other place to go than The David Citadel Hotel. Located in King David Street, it stands close to the entrance to the Old City and provides its tenants a gorgeous view of the city.

History and Architecture 

The David Citadel Hotel is built on the ruins of some old buildings in the area that architect, Moshe Sfadi, and hotel designer, Pierro Lissoni, creatively fused together into a ten-floor hotel that overlooks the old city as well as the historical Tower of David. It opened in 1998 under the hotel-chain “Hilton” but was later renamed to “The David Citadel Hotel.”

The whole structure is built in a horseshoe shape with traditional Jerusalem gold limestone, making it look luxurious. At the sides of the building are a set of stairs that descend downwards, providing all suites with a fantastic view of the old city. The David Citadel Hotel’s fusion of luxury and Jerusalem’s historical side makes this hotel an ideal resting place for visitors.

Recommended Services

According to The Times of Israel, The David Citadel is a certified Jerusalem luxury hotel. A lot of dignitaries and businessmen also find this hotel as the best choice. With numerous great reviews under its name, here is a summarized list of what one can enjoy from this grand establishment.

  • Appearance: Jerusalem gold limestone with glass-cut windows and ceiling and luxurious silk furnishings
  • Best Food Experience: Ribs at the Pool Grill
  • Favorite Hotel Feature: Indoor and outdoor pool and sauna
  • Highly Recommended: Sushi and jazz combination in the upstairs lobby
  • Tip from an Insider: Stunning views, rooms, and all-day drinks and snacks at the Executive Lounge
  • Hotel Facilities
  • Spa & Relaxation: Offers a variety of care packs and treatments done by professional therapists
  • Pool: Free for hotel guests and gym members; water stays at an inviting 28°C
  • Fitness Center: Has state-of-the-art gym equipment as well as showers and personal lockers
  • Executive Lounge: Award-winning facility with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and full range of business facilities
  • Spa: Treatments are administered by world-class therapists
  • Parking: Valet parking for hassle-free check-in


When visiting a new location, finding a place of residence to rest, relax, and chill is important. The David Citadel can give anybody top-grade luxuries they can come back to after a day of touring around the iconic city of Jerusalem. With all the great features they provide, one can be sure to have the most memorable vacation they deserve in this Jerusalem luxury hotel.


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