When selecting a university, would-be students will want to consider things like the quality of the education they’ll receive, the quality of the accommodation they’ll be staying in, and other such fundamentally dry factors. But if you’re going to be spending three years of your life in a given city, then it’s surely worth devoting some weight to the quality of the nightlife around you. After all, if you aren’t able to go out and have a good time after a hard week’s studying, then the result is sure to be long-term stress. If you’re feeling that way inclined, you might even say that you owe it to your future career prospects to go out and paint the town red.

The problem here is that opinions tend to differ on what does and doesn’t constitute a good night out. Moreover, students of the university towns will be heavily biased in favour of their preferred venue and locale. After all, very few people tour every university town and form a basis for comparing the lot of them.

That’s where objective study comes in. Fortunately, this work has been done rather comprehensively. According to a survey of more than ten thousand undergraduates for Which? in 2016, two universities came out on top of the pile when it comes to nightlife: Newcastle university and Northumbria university. Since both of these universities are in the same city, we can safely conclude that Newcastle has the best nightlife in the country – and that once you’ve gotten your Newcastle student accommodation sorted, you’ll be able to enjoy that nightlife pretty shortly afterwards.


If you’re not a fan of Geordie Shore (or you’re unsure of what it even is), then you’ll probably be looking at this result with some scepticism. Just because lots of people like a given thing, after all, doesn’t mean that you will. Fortunately, this image of the city’s culture is something of a narrow one – if you’d like to visit a club full of wall-to-wall kick-snare patterns, and where booze flows like water, you’ll be able to do so, but there are also alternative venues that’ll cater to those into metal, grime, ambient soundscapes and funk. The Cluny is a great place to check out local and touring small-time bands, while the Metro radio arena is a great place to see larger ones.

Cheap Booze

One of the main reasons that Newcastle is so popular when it comes to nightlife is that you’ll be able to get quite a lot of booze for a pittance. ‘Trebles’ is a practice imitated by bars across the city, where you’re offered three shots of vodka and a mixer. Now, if you were to ask a normal bartender for such a drink, they would probably look at you as though you’d announced your intention to transform, through sheer force of will, into a Ford Capri. In Newcastle, however, this is a perfectly normal and economical way of consuming alcohol, and you can expect to get three of them for just over five pounds.


You’ll find an array of quality comedy clubs in the centre of town. There’s The Stand, where you’ll find gigs put on regularly; there’s the Grinning Idiot, which is a little further out of the way, and then there’s the aforementioned Metro Radio Arena where the really big acts come to play. If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, then you might pay a visit to the Theatre Royal.


At nighttime, the quayside is where you’ll find some of the best-quality bars and pubs. Newcastle is, of course, home of the famous brown ale, but there are other sorts of drink available. Brew Dog have their own pub in this neck of the woods, where you’ll be able to sample a variety of high-quality beers. What’s more, while you’re enjoying your drink you’ll be able to get a great view of the bridges which span the Tyne – which look spectacular at night-time.

In Conclusion

While other university towns might have their share of great places to have fun at night-time, it’s Newcastle that’s the undisputed leader of the pack. And while it’s certainly unwise to base your choice of university on the efficiency with which you can secure alcohol every weekend, in reality it’s sure to factor into the decisions of most would-be students. Once you’ve gotten your application to Newcastle or Northumbria university accepted, and you’ve sorted out some Newcastle student accommodation, you’ll be able to benefit from several years’ worth of quality nights out.


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