Searching for jobs is not an easy task by any means. That rings true especially if you are searching for a job abroad. When moving to a different location there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made with the differences in time and culture. If you are looking for a place with diversity and several coastal cities, then Australia is the perfect option for you.

If you are looking to move to Australia from UK, you are going to have a lot of adjustments to make. Depending on which part of Australia you move to, you could be facing a nine-hour or more difference and major cultural differences too. The majority of the individuals that are looking to find a new job are doing it due to the lack of development in their current field or employment. However, they can also be searching for work that is more exciting or challenging. You will also need to research about visas in order to travel to the Australia.

There are few Australian Visas for UK citizens that you could get depending on your circumstances; you can pick from skilled visas, work visas, parent visas, and partner visas. Skilled visas are for those whose skills and qualifications are in demand in Australia. Work visas are for those looking to work in Australia. Parent and partner visas are for people who wish to join an existing family in Australia.

To get an Australian skilled visa, you need to meet the threshold criteria. Applicants must submit an occupation that is eligible. They must demonstrate a specific level of the English language. They also must be under the age of 50. For an Australian work visa, the candidate must have a formal offer of employment from an Australian employer. They must be able to show the appropriate skills that are needed for your specific role.

Whether you are travelling to Australia for a better job, lifestyle or to finding a balance between work and life – there are plenty of opportunities to choose from there. The most popular locations in Australia have been Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

Using the services of companies like Emigration Group can, also, support companies or individuals that are relocating. Australia has been a popular destination for a while. Their strong economy, leading education system, and the weather have all played a major part in making Australia one of the top countries to relocate to.

Below are the top five most in-demand jobs in Australia

  1. Financial Analyst

This job consists of analysing financial statuses through collecting, monitoring and studying data and then recommending solutions.

  1. Pay-roller

A payroll clerk pays employees through calculating their pay and making any deductions. They also issue any checks that must be issued for the business.

  1. Site Manager

A site manager oversees operations on a daily basis. They ensure that the work is done on time, safety, meet safety standards and stay within the budget.

  1. Data Analyst

These analysts review data for any inconsistencies that could distort the results. They maintain databases and routinely conduct maintenance. This is especially needed in the government sector. These individuals need to be able to search through large data for any insights and trends.

  1. Development and Operations Engineer

These engineers support operations by identifying and resolving any operational problems.

On top of these individual jobs, there are a few sectors which are actively growing. Infrastructure projects are enabling growth in construction, property and engineering markets. There is a focus on big data and cyber security.

In order to find a job in Australia, you need to have something more than just what the job description says. Many of the larger corporations in Australia and New Zealand have said that they want candidates that can add ‘extra value’. That could be by previous work experience or additional qualifications.

According to Hays, some other skills that are in demand include professional practice accountants, para-planners, quantitative risk analysts, early childhood teachers, renewable experience, civil engineers, case managers, HR advisors and partners.

Australia’s economy is constantly growing which is why there is a need for employees. No matter what sector you are looking to work in, you can make Australia your home. From chefs, hairdressers, retail assistants, plumbers, health care workers, to technology professional, accounts, architectural professionals, and manual labourers are all in demand. Their unemployment rate is considerably lower than other countries, making them the ideal location to relocate to.


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