Nile Cruise Holiday

If you’ve booked your Nile cruise, and are impatiently counting down the days – lucky you! You will have an incredible time taking in all the sites, culture and architecture. But it can be tricky to know exactly what to pack. Here we run through a list of all the most important things to pack when going on your Nile river cruise!

The Essentials

Of course, you need to remember your passport and ID documentation, but you also need to bring any kind of insurance or healthcare paperwork too, in case you should get into some kind of accident or issue. Of course this shouldn’t happen, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry! On top of this – a few months prior to leaving for your cruise – investigate if there are any kind of healthcare measures you must undertake for visiting Egypt from your country. Are there any injections you need? Tablets you must take? Speak to your local GP or pharmacist if you are unsure, as they will be able to make recommendations about these things, and also help you to choose which medication to take with you on your trip too, whether it’s standard painkillers, or if it’s more tailored to your trip – such as malaria tablets and preventative measures. Always remember to pack sunscreen, too!

Clothing – Light & Airy

If there’s one thing you can guarantee about Egypt is that it will be hot! This is amazing for the sun lovers, but you have to make sure you’ll be dressing for the occasion, no one wants to be stuck in a jumper in boiling hot weather! Make sure you take lots of light layers – floaty summer dresses, wraps, and light materials. However, it’s also important to remain respectful, so light, full length trousers in natural materials such as linen, and long sleeve yet floaty tops are a great idea. There may be restrictions on what can and can’t be worn during dinner on your cruise, such as full length trousers, so always check before you pack. Additionally, for the many excursions you will be taking on your travels, it’s imperative you bring very comfortable shoes and walking gear. Sandals are great for when on the boat, but the area you may be visiting is extremely sandy and dusty. So ensure you have footwear that can handle this for the many miles you may be walking, when exploring the amazing sights!

A Camera – Capture All You Memories

When you go on a Nile cruise, you will see and experience some truly magnificent sights – including some of the ancient wonders of the world. Because of this, you should definitely make sure you have a method of capturing these moments. Most smartphones nowadays are well equipped to deal with all your photo and video taking needs. But just in case you don’t have one of these, pick yourself up a camera before your trip – if you don’t, you’ll regret not being able to share the amazing things you experience when you’re back!


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