Every year, thousands of tourists visit Dubai with their friends, family, or even alone. However, many of these tourists only visit Dubai for a short span of time, due to which they can’t fully experience all the attractions that Dubai has to offer. If you are one of those people and are planning to visit Dubai for a short vacation (approximately 5-7 days), you can choose combo deals that include both a desert safari and a Dubai Creek Dhow cruise that will save you a lot of money and time as well.

A Dhow cruise is basically a traditional Arabian style boat that has been around since 600 BC and was used mainly for trading purposes in places like South India. This Middle-eastern themed boat has now been transformed into a floating restaurant with state of the art amenities that are sure to enthrall you and excite you. Lots of these Dhow cruise ships can be spotted on the Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek.

The Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise Includes:

  • Modern amenities like air-conditioning throughout the ship and a top deck where you can experience the fresh ocean air as well as enjoy a relaxing smoke or hookah with your friends and/or family.
  • The cruise takes around 2 hours and it’s a way or experiencing Dubai like you’ve never done before. The cruise provides you with a blend of modern as well as traditional vibes in a comfortable environment as it gives you an opportunity to view famous landmarks and check them off your bucket list in a short time span.
  • Some of the famous landmarks that you will be able to see during the cruise are Burj al Arab, the Twin Rolex towers, The Gold Souk (a flourishing gold market that has been around for centuries), The Palm Islands (a stretch of beautiful land built in the middle of the ocean in the shape of palm trees), as well as several other sight-seeing pleasures.
  • You will also get to experience a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes while on the cruise
  • To add to all the fun activities, there will be mesmerizing performances and shows on display like Tanura dance (a traditional Middle-Eastern dance), puppet shows, good music and much more.

All in all, the cruise will be something you won’t regret being a part of, coupled with its low cost and short time, it’s an opportunity to experience Dubai in all its glory. It’s also a great opportunity for parties if you are with a group of friends.

The enjoyment and excitement don’t end here though, as you can also experience a desert safari along with the cruise experience. The desert safari takes place three times during the day: a morning tour, an evening tour, and an overnight desert safari tour. We recommend the evening desert safari tour due to its timing (14:00-20:00 local time) and also due to the weather being quite pleasant in the evening.

The best desert safari experience:

  • Dune-bashing is a popular tourist attraction as you will experience a thrill like never before as your 4×4 driver manoeuvres you up and down the beautiful red dunes of the Dubai desert. You also have the option of riding quad-bikes over the dunes as well as enjoy camel rides.
  • The evening desert safari dubai will also give you the opportunity to witness perhaps the most magical sunset in the desert which is great for taking memorable pictures.
  • Afterward, you can smoke hookah and sip tea and eat snacks while you enjoy live performances like belly dancing, Tanura dancing and fire shows in a luxurious setting.
  • The safari tour ends with a delicious Arabian style BBQ for vegetarians and non-vegetarians that will surely end your tour on a high.

So, if your trip is a short one and you want to experience the modern as well as the traditional side of Dubai, this desert safari plus dhow cruise combo is something you should definitely go for in as little as 99 AED. We hope you enjoy your tour and we’re sure you come back for more.


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