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The rapidly growing coronavirus which put the world in a motionless state has had devastating effects on the global economy. The businesses experienced terrible losses, there was a halt to the complete supply chain management, the education system moved to a different platform which saw a decline in student engagement. More such problems rose due to the outbreak and many industries shut down like the hospitality and travel industry. The present scenario of the economies that learned how to fight back the virus had brought some change in a few of the countries. There are few countries that have less virus percentage. Keeping the improvement in some of the countries in mind there has been an initiative taken which allows air travel bubble. Click here to book tickets for Hong Kong to Singapore travel –

Let us understand what a travel bubble is; to start building economies and businesses few countries agree to allow travelers into the borders. This however will be effective for countries that succeeded in curbing the virus spread. The free to travel zone will not require on-arrival quarantine. Most countries felt the initiative to help the business to recover from the massive losses incurred.

Is it required?

To enable the countries improve the financial situation the reopening of borders is required. It certainly requires proper measures to be taken. The bubble creates exposure to the world and helps people to enter into new contracts or continue the existing ones. There are two types of travel bubbles like a Free bubble and a Limited bubble. The free bubbles have no quarantine restrictions after arrival but the limited bubble has14 day quarantine process that makes the passengers stay in isolation and only if they are tested negative they can enter the country. These are lengthy procedures that are time-consuming but it is worth the wait it is a sustainable option present today.

The first travel bubbles were in the European countries, now, as there are a very less number of cases registered in Hong Kong and Singapore the two countries have come to an agreement to start off the air travel bubble in the month of May. Both the countries have seen a drastic drop in the cases and deaths as well. The passengers will enjoy the travel experience once again with the air travel bubbles opening the doors for tourism.

How does it work?

The air travel bubbles ensure the safe movement of the passengers from one place to the other. The countries as well as the flights ensure the safety of the passengers by conducting a proper test before and after the travel. The travelers must undergo the Covid-19 test and only if they are negative they will be allowed into the country. They must carry all the relevant documents while traveling.

General guidelines consist of:

  • Before 72 hours of travel – a negative RT-PCR test
  • No health complications
  • Filling up of health declaration form
  • The download of a contact tracing app or filling up a contact tracing form to know the tourist’s whereabouts like addressees of resorts and hotels they are planning to stay.

They need to:

  • Have certificates to operate from applicable government agencies.
  • Must not be a part of or have gatherings i.e. must implement safety measures of crowd control
  • The hotels and restaurants must follow the rules by the authorities and not engage in heavily crowded activities.
  • Take necessary steps to sanitize the place and not accommodate many people at the same time should not allow multiple parties

If you are traveling you must know that:

  • You will need to allow the hotels or any establishment that you visit to check the temperature
  • Must fill forms for Covid-19 health check
  • There will be tracking of the travelers like contact tracing
  • Must make contactless payments
  • Don’t expect that all the tourist spots are open
  • Must follow the safety rules of sanitization, social distancing and face mask and face shield’s
  • Must be patient as the establishment might not have all the staff working
  • To control the crowd and manage guest the hotels and restaurants might require advance bookings.

We need to look forward and find ways to grow and restructure the financial status thus there is a need for an economic rebound. Taking proper safety measures and having self-discipline will help people to get back to life and restart the journey.


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