Big Trip Around Australia

A big trip around Australia requires some intense planning, particularly if you plan on going for an extended period of time, and it’s at this stage where many run into problems. Although there will likely be smaller things that you’ve forgotten, like an extra towel, there are also a few things that might not cross your mind that will ensure your trip is much easier, and more enjoyable to boot. In this article we cover a few of the things you might not have even considered before you go out on your exciting trip around this beautiful country.

Asking around for good advice

If you’re the kind of person that gets excited about the prospect of travelling around Australia, there’s a good chance that you are friends with some similarly-minded people. Before you set out on your trip, make sure to talk to as many of them as possible who have already taken a trip around Australia and extract knowledge out of them when you can. Information on the internet can certainly be valuable, but specific advice from people who know and understand you well can ensure a much more tailored selection of highlights, the best camper trailers for sale, useful gadgets and great camping spots that you can also use. It shouldn’t stop here, either – when you’re on the road, keep talking to people you find in camping areas and caravan parks to get some more juicy advice. This isn’t to say that you should ignore much of the advice you find around the internet – it’s all about absorbing as much information you can in order to have the best understanding of what your itinerary should involve. While professional blogs will be a great source of information, searching forums for user input is also a great way to pick up some nice little informative tidbits.

Factoring in communication

Although Google Maps is an invaluable way for many of us to get around, there are quite a few times on the road where you’ll likely not have good access to internet. Because of this, it’s a great idea to not only have maps stored on your smart device or dedicated GPS, but have actual physical maps that you can take around with you. These help give you a big picture sense of where you’re going, and are great for marking – in doing this, you’ll get a much better sense of how far apart things are on your itinerary. On the topic of access to communications, it’s also important to ensure that everyone knows to contact you via email, rather than through your phone. There will be quite a few instances where you’ll be in remote areas with no reception, so receiving an email will give you the option to reply when it’s convenient for you. Although satellite phones and two-way car transmitters might seem like a good idea, their price and the form factor in the case of the transmitter make these an average idea for most.

Careful planning leads to success

Although there might be a few other good points you might not have considered – such as breakdown protection – these other items will likely be dependent on your circumstances. For this reason, plan your travel carefully, and think long and hard about all the bits you might have forgotten. Again, this is where talking to others helps quite a great deal!


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